New Girl “All In” Review (3×01)

18 Sep


Season 2 of New Girl was one of my favorite comedic seasons of all time, unexpectedly becoming a show that I still unabashedly love. Just seeing all these characters back on my television screen is a godsend, so I probably like the premiere more right now more than I will on re-watch.

Anyway, the episode sends Nick and Jess off to Mexico on a honeymoon of sorts, which is a move that makes perfect sense. Their relationship is booming, and like any reasonable people, they don’t want it to end. Sending them to Mexico places them in a fantasy from which they never want to leave. Of course, that’s not realistic in the slightest. Nick eventually gets arrested, and Schmidt and Winston find their way across the border, emphasizing the fact that the loft shenanigans will follow them wherever they go.

It’s really a very layered, complex handling of this relationship, and it’s been pleasantly surprising given the fact that it’s a young-skewing show that tries to appeal to the masses. Nick and Jess are genuinely in love, and the show portrays both the difficulties and the delirious highs of a relationship.

Getting back to the episode itself, the one thing I have a problem with is Schmidt’s character. Season 2 made incredible strides with him, transforming him into a more endearing person due to his relationship with Elizabeth. Here, his “dilemma” is incredibly frustrating, and I wish that he would just pick someone. This isn’t the Schmidt we’ve seen recently.

As for Winston, his plot is hilarious, but has no real substance. That’s been indicative of pretty much all of his subplots, and I wish he had more to do. Still, the revelation that he’s color blind is pretty much the best thing ever.

All in all, it’s a welcome, yet flawed, return for New Girl. However, it’s still the hilarious show we’ve come to love.

Grade: B+

Other thoughts:

-“OH MY GOD PULL OVER! That piñata’s shaped like a monkey!” *Cut to commercial*

-The scene where Winston and Schmidt are mouthing at each other behind CeCe’s back is amazing. “I drove there to seduce her…and I seduced her 2 1/2 times.”

-“A blind man could feel the smooth edge of a corner piece!” I love Schmidt’s frustration with Winston.

-“If you think these shows are brown, what color do you think you are?”


-“He’s color blind, which basically makes him a cripple.”

-“My name is Winston Bishop. I’m color blind and I can’t do puzzles. Now let us go home.”

Credit to FOX and New Girl for all pictures. I own nothing.


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