It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award” Review (9×03)

19 Sep


Just a couple quick bullet points coming up….

-The show has been, for the most part, snubbed at the Emmys every single year. This episode marks the first time that Always Sunny has addressed the issue, and it’s an episode-long meta commentary on the nature of what usually gets nominated. Suds represents the saccharine, safe, and pleasant entertainment viewers usually seek out, and there is a multitude of clever references to the type of show Sunny is (“We’re too fringe! I mean, it’s given us a lot of street cred, but we’ve alienated a lot of people in this town.” and “We know we’re cool, and our customers know we’re cool, but the industry doesn’t get it yet.”).

-Charlie Day’s a pretty good singer, and his final, drug induced song is a massive middle finger to the entertainment industry as a whole. Everyone else’s reactions to this, and his first, songs are pitch perfect as well.

-Chad Coleman returns as Z, and he’s as hilarious as ever. The episode also contains a hilarious discussion over black people and stereotypes in the media.

-Dee’s cleverly portrayed as the “pretty and benign” female character that’s rammed down our throats everyday by lesser shows.

-Mac getting confused about the jizz is hilarious.

-“He’s been to Paddy’s and he says it’s just a bunch of people yelling over each other.” “That’s what we do, and if people want to tune in, then…”

Grade: B+

Credit to FXX and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for all pictures. I own nothing.


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