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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs” Review (9×10)

7 Nov

627-24It’s Always Sunny wraps up its ninth season with an enjoyable, but fairly average episode that brings back a multitude of guest stars: Gail the Snail, Bill Ponderosa, the McPoyles, etc. While the point of the episode is to pile on as much as they can to get the Gang to that final conclusion of “No, we do not want to squash our beefs”, the plot could’ve used a little work because the Gang is inherently funnier due to their own antics and beliefs. The others are a part of it, but this episode loses a bit with its main characters due to the guest stars.

Still, although the script itself is shaky, there are still some hilarious moments: Dennis considering giving away someone’s eye a better option than apologizing, Frank and Hwang swaying and staring daggers at each other, and Frank setting his rent money on fire. It’s not an episode for consistent laughter, but it’s enjoyable; I’m always a sucker for food fights, especially when flying hatchets and Nose Clams are involved.

The ending is once again pretty dark, coming full circle from that premiere. I wouldn’t put it past Dennis to leave them all in there to die, and it’s an ending that the show is able to pull off because honestly, the characters are pretty awful people. It’s nothing new, but it makes sense.



-This was a surprisingly great season. Not many shows make it to their ninth season, much less continue to be good at that point, so kudos to Sunny for crafting a great one. “The Gang Saves the Day” is easily the highlight for me.

-This episode runs 19:27. It’s the season finale; can’t we at least get 20 minutes? Jeez.

-“Well, Frank, once something’s in writing, that means it’s set in stone. Then no one can do anything to stop me.”

-“What?! GODDAMMIT!! Beef!! No, I got beef with that!”

-“I am not honking.”

-“I may have started a money fire.”

-“I hate people who are different than me. Why pretend?”

-I didn’t cover the season regularly, and I hope to do so next year for Sunny’s tenth and (presumably) final season. See you next year.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award” Review (9×03)

19 Sep


Just a couple quick bullet points coming up….

-The show has been, for the most part, snubbed at the Emmys every single year. This episode marks the first time that Always Sunny has addressed the issue, and it’s an episode-long meta commentary on the nature of what usually gets nominated. Suds represents the saccharine, safe, and pleasant entertainment viewers usually seek out, and there is a multitude of clever references to the type of show Sunny is (“We’re too fringe! I mean, it’s given us a lot of street cred, but we’ve alienated a lot of people in this town.” and “We know we’re cool, and our customers know we’re cool, but the industry doesn’t get it yet.”).

-Charlie Day’s a pretty good singer, and his final, drug induced song is a massive middle finger to the entertainment industry as a whole. Everyone else’s reactions to this, and his first, songs are pitch perfect as well.

-Chad Coleman returns as Z, and he’s as hilarious as ever. The episode also contains a hilarious discussion over black people and stereotypes in the media.

-Dee’s cleverly portrayed as the “pretty and benign” female character that’s rammed down our throats everyday by lesser shows.

-Mac getting confused about the jizz is hilarious.

-“He’s been to Paddy’s and he says it’s just a bunch of people yelling over each other.” “That’s what we do, and if people want to tune in, then…”

Grade: B+

Credit to FXX and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for all pictures. I own nothing.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot” Review (9×02)

12 Sep


I love it when Sunny tries to take on a social/political issue, as it paves the way for some incredibly idiotic, hilarious banter from people that have absolutely no idea what the hell they’re talking about. The episodes are less about the issue, and more about how the Gang reacts to it. This episode in particular covers the issue of gun control, with Dennis and Dee taking the anti-gun side, and Mac and Charlie taking the pro-gun side. Frank is also there, the initiator of all the events in the episode through his call to bear arms.

I love the Mac and Charlie banter, especially when they argue over the effectiveness of a sword compared to a gun. It’s so Mac of Mac to think that zigzagging and making loud noises will distract a gun wielder. I also love their denim outfits, as well as the reference to Indiana Jones.

On to Dee and Dennis. Kaitlin Olson has really mastered the art of yelling, and this episode places her back in full-blown rage form. It’s a sight to see, and it will never get old. It’s kind of ironic how these two end up being the ones with the most background problems, eventually leading them to change their minds over their stance on guns. I like how the storylines eventually meld, completely switching the positions of the two pairings. Mac acknowledges that they could’ve just met two hours beforehand.

However, with all the positive aspects of the episode, I feel like there isn’t much payoff. Especially coming off of last week’s brutal ending, I wish that this episode would embrace the crazy like I know it can. Show us the march on city hall, show! By making this all out to be a money making scheme by Frank, it stays true to the characters, but doesn’t quite deliver on its premise as much as I was expecting it to.

Grade: B

Other thoughts:

-It’s the return of the drug dealer from season 2! I love how Dennis only rolls down his window a few centimeters to talk to him, and how the dealer just “saunters off”.

-Frank and Uncle Jack are perfect in the episode. Also, the sandwich.

-“Did you know that 80% of your water is 100% toxic?”

-“You set one bitch on fire and everyone makes a big deal out of it!”

-“That was against my will, it doesn’t really count.”
“That’s the only time it counts, Dee.”

-“The government of today has no business telling us how to live our lives because the government of 200 years ago already did. They also protected us from tyranny against the seizure of tasteful, artistic photographs of beautiful bodies.”

“Not now, Jack.”

-It’s the New Girl landlord!

Credit to FXX and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for all pictures. I own nothing.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Broke Dee” Review (9×01)

5 Sep


Ah, it is great to have Sunny and all its brutal, yet hilarious, gang antics back on our television screens. I still don’t quite understand the necessity of three FX channels, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Anyway, this episode is a hilarious kick off to this penultimate season, showcasing the talents of Kaitlin Olson and Glenn Howerton in particular. The episode starts off with Dee in the bar, drunk and depressed, and the rest of the gang trying to remedy that. However, these people never really produce anything good from their ideas: more often than not, the situation becomes a huge fiasco that spirals downward endlessly.

This isn’t exactly where this episode goes, though (at first). Dee becomes increasingly popular as a stand up comic, delivering sound effects and vagina jokes galore. Dennis, meanwhile, is preoccupied with making sure Dee finds an “average guy”, trying extremely hard to convince himself that she isn’t abandoning him for better opportunities. It’s kind of a depressing arc, but Howerton plays it extremely well.

It all leads up to that final scene, one that completely surprised me in terms of its cruelty and unexpectedness. The gang reveals that everything that happened was a hoax, designed to really crush Dee’s spirits and get her to embrace her true “average-ness”. The true brilliance of this, though, is that it happens to have a more profound impact on Dennis, leaving him a blubbering mess. It’s the capper to, as I said before, a depressing arc, but the show weaves in comedy so well that it really just becomes what it always has been: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Grade: A-

Other thoughts:

-Olson’s dry heaves and her blowup at the end are things of beauty.

-The rest of the cast still got in some great lines, though. Charlie’s delivery of “Did you kill yourself, Dee?” was pitch perfect.

-“She said vagina! It’s funny because a woman said it!”

-“Dee. Dee. Dee. Dee. Da. Da. Da. Da. Dee. Da. Dadedadedade……etc.”

-I couldn’t help but think of Breaking Bad with the whole Walt business. Also, Huell was there!

-“She knows your goddamn name, Walt.”

-“The crabs have machine guns now. That makes sense.”

Credit to FXX and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for all pictures. I own nothing.

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