Person of Interest “Liberty” Review (3×01)

25 Sep

627-5Just a couple quick bullets coming up…

-Although the case of the week feels a little bland at times, I like what the show is doing for Reese’s character. He sees himself in the sailor, and it coincides with a time in which he starts to let go a little. He starts revealing some more of his past, and he starts to transfer some of that Terminator-like quality onto Shaw.

-Shaw isn’t a character I was entirely sold on last season, but it’s fun watching her shoot baddies up and banter with Reese. She’s becoming a sort of mentoree, and she fits in nicely now.

-Fusco’s great. I like how one second, he can be treated jokingly, and the next second, he’s saving everyone’s lives. Also, his outfit at the beginning of the episode is perfect.

-Elias is always a welcome sight, and I like how they’re creating a dynamic between him and Carter. She’s manufactured a deal in which he stays out of person, but Reese and Finch don’t know. It’s an interesting road to explore, and I’m impressed at how much we get out of Elias’s short scenes; Colatoni does some fantastic work with this character.

-That brings us to Root. Oh, Amy Acker, how I love you. She’s insanely good at slowly building up that terrifying exterior, and the audience feels that sense of dread along with the poor psychiatrist. Her delivery of that last monologue is chilling.

-Finch feels a little shoe horned in in this episode.

-I also like how the Machine has a new name for Root, suggesting that she’s not the enemy. In fact, this Root-Machine relationship is so compelling because it could lead to it rebelling against Finch. The Machine may crave approval much like Root does; they’re both calculating, ruthless machines, but they need to feel connected as well.

-Bear needs more screen time.

Credit to CBS and Person of Interest for all pictures. I own nothing.

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