Parenthood “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities” Review (5×04)

18 Oct

Parenthood-In-DreamsDoing the right thing and doing what we need to do aren’t always the same thing. Tonight’s Parenthood is all about dealing with these uncomfortable situations and moving on in life. Let’s break it down.


I’m not a big fan of the storyline in general; I get the motivations behind the campaign, but I don’t really like how it’s playing out. Yes, it would make absolutely no sense for Kristina to run without money, but I wish Adam had not gone to Mista Ray for the 20 grand. It’s more plausible than the Luncheonette profits funding the campaign, but it’s a bit too easy for my tastes. The show needs to explore the gritty details of a campaign and whether or not she deserves to win, and this week’s storyline only scratches the surface. Kristina having to sacrifice her morals to win, or even Kristina dropping out entirely, would both be more interesting than where we’re going now.


I do like this storyline better, as the Adam-Crosby relationship is usually a good source of humor; watching Krause and Shepard play off of each other is always a delight. I like that the writers are taking them down a newer path that will lead to increased individuality, but I also hope that we’re not going to just see an emulation of the first Luncheonette plot.


Pairing Zeek with one of the kids is always sweet to watch, and this bodes well for Victor’s storyline. Much like Adam has to turn to Mista Ray for both his and Kristina’s sakes, Victor turns to Zeek for both his and Julia’s sakes. I’m glad that Julia isn’t angry about Zeek being a better teacher than her; when you love your kid, you want what’s best for him or her. The “jealous parent” storyline is one that I never like seeing, as it inevitably leads to contrived conflict.


Drew has another romance blooming! I don’t know what to think about this storyline. His love interest’s cute and all, but I hope there’s a spin on this relationship; I don’t want it to turn into another Amy, much as I like Drew actually taking the initiative and doing something about his life.


Once again, I’d like to state my love for Mae Whitman and Matt Lauria. Their chemistry is off the charts, and I really hope nothing bad happens. In this episode, we start to see some tension between Amber and Sarah over Ryan’s past. I like that Sarah’s stating her opinion, as she’s actually right (I like her line about her actually knowing what it’s like in this situation). At the same time, I wish she would leave those two crazy kids alone.



-I do wish we had a continuation of last week’s Zeek-Camille storyline. That was beautiful and realistic, and it feels too abrupt that Camille’s isn’t even in this episode. You’re right, Zeek! You’re not going anywhere, so you should.

-Drew’s haircut annoys me.

-Heather’s great, as she really grounds Kristina and is good at doing what she does.

-I like the cold open shot of Sarah awkwardly standing beside Amber and Ryan making out.

-“Hank said he would give me 20 dollars if I could shut up for an hour.” Shut up for another 1000 hours and Kristina will have her money!

Credit to NBC and Parenthood for all pictures. I own nothing.

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