Parks and Recreation “Gin It Up!” Review (6×05)

18 Oct

627-9First, let’s get this out of the way….Tatiana Maslany freaking rocks.

There. All right, now onto the rest of the episode.


Councilman Jamm’s back, and he’s out to get Leslie once again; this time, he’s using one of Donna’s tweets against her. It’s a nice storyline because it seems as if the show’s transitioning from Ann to Donna; whereas this is something that Leslie and Ann would’ve had to go through before, Donna handles it in a different way. It’s a nice setup for a potentially fantastic relationship going forward.


Ron’s storylines do seem repetitive at times, but his interactions with Ben are just good enough to sell it. I would like to see him interact with Diane more, but I understand that he’s a person that’s afraid of commitment; it might not be in character for him to move fast. Nevertheless, Scott and Offerman are fantastic here, as always.


Guest star Tatiana Maslany plays a more straightforward character here, but she and Plaza play their respective characters perfectly. The storyline could’ve easily become cliched (Tom is pretty insufferable here), but the two are able to ground the storyline and make it endearing. Still, I don’t like that Tom gets Tatiana Maslany. He’s one lucky man.


Other thoughts:

-“Upon my death, all my belongings will transfer to the man or animal that has killed me.”

-“She was talking dirty to me.” “She was reading the emails you sent to the first woman!”

-“Another word for ‘joke’ is ‘lies’.”

-#Bossbitch vs. #bitchboss

-“Nice meeting you, April….kinda. You’re weird too. “Thank you.”

-“I will leave my children 50 dollars apiece for the cab ride home from my funeral and a steak dinner. That’s all.”

-“We need to talk.” “That has never been true.”

-Ethel Beavers reading Donna’s tweets is perfection. “Number sign.”

-Maslany looks good in a lab coat.

-Speaking of, you should all watch Orphan Black.

Credit to NBC and Parks and Recreation for all pictures. I own nothing.

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