Community “Geothermal Escapism” Review (5×05)

23 Jan

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m going to miss you, Troy Barnes.

When Troy sails off on the Childish Tycoon at the end of this episode, it’s hard not to get choked up; he’s been an integral part of this show and a beloved character, and it’s not easy saying goodbye. But alas, people come and go, and that’s a major theme tonight. When do we decide that we need a change? When do we have to let go of our pasts, to reinvent ourselves without losing hold of who we are inside? When do we decide that we have to fall into a pit of lava in order to come out unscathed on the other side? For, that’s the very choice Troy has to make in “Geothermal Escapism”, and it’s a big one.

Let’s back up a bit. Coming into this episode, I was both excited and worried, considering the last “concept episode” ended up being fairly average. They almost lose me again here; although it makes complete sense from a character perspective why Troy’s farewell would end up like this, I just feel like the episode doesn’t focus on him enough until the end. Like I said, it all makes sense–let’s say, Abed, who is just as much a part of Troy as Troy is of himself–but it’s just a matter of opinion whether you connect with the first half of the episode or not.

There are some things I do love in the first half, though, most notably Jeff and Britta’s knock-knock joke argument; it’s absolutely hilarious, and it’s easily one of the best interactions the two characters have had. Speaking of interactions, I appreciate the prominence of Britta tonight; it’s sweet to see her so easily understand Abed and Troy and to come up with the clone idea. She’s someone who, although she sometimes Britta’s things, is a genuine friend: a sincere, caring, and understanding friend.

As for the ending? It’s near perfect, and it helps smooth over some of the rough patches in the first half. The actors manage to keep the goodbyes from becoming cliche, and it’s certainly both heartwarming and disappointing to see them have to say goodbye. But hey, Troy’s going to travel around the world, and although he and Abed have been living in their own little bubble for quite some time, they’re leaving now that it’s deflated. They’ll be traveling their own separate paths, but they’ll always understand and care for each other.



-“I had a dream like this, but it was sexual!”

-“My self-published novels aren’t going to publish themselves!”

-“Are you ready for closure?” “…of your CASKETS?” Buzz Hickey is very entertaining tonight, and I loved watching him interact with Britta.

-Levar Burton shows up at the end! Also, beautiful “Come Sail Away” rendition by Aimee Mann there.

-“Nathan Fillion is my same sex celebrity crush!” Okay. Mine is Timothy Olyphant.

-Chang and the Locker Boys are entertaining.

-Thank god the Russos are back. This episode is impeccably directed.

-So, it’ll be interesting to see how the show moves on without Glover. I’m optimistic.

Photo credit: NBC, Community


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