Girls “Only Child” Review (3×05)

2 Feb

Girls-Season-3-Episode-5-Only-Child-600x400Hannah Horvath is really a wrecking ball, isn’t she?

In this episode, she asks a grieving widow about other publishers at David’s funeral, ignores her dad when he talks about his health, and is generally an all around douche. Yet, this is a Hannah who doesn’t seem so far removed from who she was in the pilot, and it’s a Hannah who’s surprisingly sympathetic.

For one, I enjoy her interactions with the publishers, and her acting as a mediator for Adam and Caroline is fantastic. It’s a nice sequence that brilliantly toes the line between comedy and drama, and it raises a question: Does Hannah being an only child change her perspective on things? Well, it seems like the answer would be yes; she has the capability to look at other peoples’ issues, but she’ll never truly understand various familial dynamics.

Take the final scene, for example. Hannah’s in a broken place, so she lashes out and kicks Caroline to the curb. When Adam comes home, she states that she thought he would be happy about this, but he isn’t. The key here is that she’s going off of what he told her, not taking into account the complexities of family; Adam initially didn’t want her to move in because he knew that if she did, he wouldn’t be able to break free of that familial grasp and let her go. Hannah doesn’t understand that.

Elsewhere, we also have Marnie and Ray hooking up, which, if you think about it, makes perfect sense. They’re at points in their lives where doing something like this is entirely believable, and the episode does a nice job of highlighting who Marnie is; it also touches on one of the more fundamental themes of the show: the idea of reverting to older habits even as you’re trying to move on. Everything Ray told her she already knew, but her problem is that she isn’t willing to accept those criticisms. She knows she has some issues and she knows she needs to change, so it’s refreshing to her to have Ray tell her what she needs to hear. At the same time, she also holds the power in that scene and sees the situation for what it really is; that’s the only way she could feel comfortable there.

All in all, the episode signals a shift in focus for the second half of the season, and various peripheral plots–Jenna’s new job, for example–should take some prominent roles in the upcoming weeks. Change should be coming.



-Marnie’s going to try and sing to that cat next week. Uh oh.

-“You selfish little whore. You know what? You and my little brother deserve one another…bunch of selfish little pricks. You will never write another thing that matters because you will never understand the struggle of humanity because you slipped out of your mother’s pussy like a nice little golden egg, you spoiled little fucking brat.” What a takedown.

-Another Caroline gem: “When the seesaw of life throws your cunt into the sandbox.”

-I want to hear the story about the handjob kidney stone.

Photo credit: HBO, Girls

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