Saturday Night Live “Melissa McCarthy/Imagine Dragons” Live Blog/Review (39×13)

1 Feb

melissa_mccarthy_snl_promo_a_lCheck back in every 10 or so minutes for updates.

SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW: Wait, is this supposed to be funny? I don’t get it, and the song itself doesn’t do much for me either. The sketch just doesn’t seem to ever fully come together, and it’s way too long; Michael Strahan is certainly entertaining, though. GRADE: C-

MONOLOGUE: My favorite part of this monologue is the pre-taped footage of McCarthy being a douche to everyone after her last show; as for the rest of it, hey, it’s fairly entertaining. Thompson with a ninja star in his head is hilarious, and the segment as a whole is, thankfully, different than all our other monologues. GRADE: B-

SOME DUMB LITTLE THING FROM CVS: This has a fantastic premise that brings diminishing returns; there are nice moments in there like the “tickling your face” scene, but it falters as a whole. GRADE: C+

DELAWARE 1 SPECIAL REPORT: The first thing I thought when I saw this was “basketball coach from the last show”. It’s very one-note, but when you have McCarthy pulling out a gun and shooting security cameras, it’s funny. It doesn’t do much as a spoof of Grimm’s actions, but it’s good as a sketch. GRADE: B

WOMEN’S GROUP:  Okay, McCarthy plays this character perfectly, and her kill boards and body part boxes are hilarious. The premise is also creative, and she also decides to jump out a window due to a sniper. Great. GRADE: B+

GUESS THAT PHRASE!: Eh. McCarthy is doing her best to hold this sketch together, but it’s all over the place. I do like what’s done with the other people in the sketch, though, and Pass the Mash! is fun. GRADE: C+

BLACK HISTORY MONTH:  It’s another pre-recorded song, and it’s once again fantastic. It’s catchy, the production is great, and the premise is perfect. The way they say SLAVERY that first time is a thing of beauty. GRADE: B+

WEEKEND UPDATE: Amy Poehler and Stefon! Yes! And Andy Samberg. And Fred Armisen. Well, it’s great to see some of these guys back again, and it’s a well done send-off for Meyers. The rest of Update is fairly mediocre, but the show gets the goodbye right. GRADE: B

THE LIVING PICTURES EXHIBITION: Ha. Hahaha. This is like an improv that sixth graders are trying to pull off, and it’s a trainwreck. GRADE: D-

GIRLFRIENDS TALK SHOW: “I’m dating the woman I’m becoming, and I love every minute of it!”Although this sketch is always good for a few great lines, I’ve never really liked it, and this one is fairly mediocre. Still, Aidy Bryant shines in it. GRADE: C+

IMAGINE DRAGONS: “Radioactive” is really pitchy, but the energy is absolutely fantastic; also, Kendrick Lamar shows up, which is always a great thing (he’s easily the best part of that performance). “Demons” lacks the energy, but it’s an enjoyable song to listen to. GRADE: B

THE SUMMER OF DIANE: Well, I like the premise, but the execution is shaky. After a nice start, it doesn’t exactly go anywhere, and it feels like a wasted sketch. GRADE: C

SUPER CHAMPIONS WITH KYLE: After two duds, the new guys–this time, just Kyle Mooney–brings back some of the old magic with a fun, graphic-filled, and apparently unscripted sketch that is awkward in a good way. GRADE: B+


We’re off for a few weeks! See you on March 1st.

Photo credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live

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