Person of Interest “Provenance” Review (3×14)

5 Feb

72f38f3a4ae848afc8601254752b5e8eWell, the team’s really back together again.

Understandably, this episode is fairly inconsequential, and I expect a few of these before we get into the final arc of the season. Of course, as with all Person of Interest episodes, “Provenance” is still consistently entertaining.

For example, the whole Ocean’s Eleven-style structure makes for some fun, caper-esque situations, and there’s quite a dose of humor during the party scenes. Yet, what makes this different from the show’s other, more recent procedural episodes is the lack of layers: there are very low stakes here, and the overarching story is barely integrated into the plot. Of course, procedural doesn’t constitute bad. However, it seems as if certain situations can only be entertaining up to a specific moment. The case of the week here is fun, but it all doesn’t amount to much.

Still, I like what the episode does with Shaw, drawing a connection between her and Lin; we can tell that there’s some bonding between them, and they’re similar people: women who want to do the right thing, but may need to find a different outlet to express their talents in. Also, Shaw in that white dress.

The final scene of the episode–everyone drinking to Carter–is also really nice, and although I do think we should move on as a show, Person of Interest reminds us that she was a real human being who really touched lives. It’s clear that Reese hasn’t let go of his partner’s death, and it makes perfect sense why he’d feel the need to go back to doing what he does best. Fusco is doing the right thing when he shifts the tone from somber to playful, and it’s emblematic of this episode: maybe, it’s great to just have fun with it.



-Root! Where are you?

-Reese gets a new suit!

-Once again: Sarah Shahi’s dress.

Photo credit: CBS, Person of Interest

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