Justified “Shot All To Hell” Review (5×05)

5 Feb

4dfd5eeb742f4cdbcc876dc76a8b92f5Damn, what an episode.

“Shot All to Hell” is this show firing on all cylinders: hilarious, intense, and downright entertaining. The body count is as high as its ever been, and I have to say, this is easily in the top 5 of my favorite episodes of Justified.

What “Shot All To Hell” does extremely well is portray the unpredictable nature of this world, the seesaw battle for supremacy; everything’s at a breaking point, teetering on the edge, and just one act of violence can bring down a whole structure. Take, for example, Danny blowing Jean Baptiste away. I would’ve liked to see more of him, but nonetheless, this is a scene that highlights the true nature of crime. Like I said last week, the Crowes are a different kind of animal; they have no order whatsoever, and they’re dangerous foes.

The episode also brings the badassery. Alan Tudyk–again, I wish we could’ve seen more of him–plays the menacing Elias Marcos, complete with a shotgun and a penchant for shooting up warehouses. Boyd delivers a vicious monologue before shooting Lee Paxton in the head, and he later confronts Daryl Crowe to tell him to get out of the bar. Art and Marcos go head to head in a diner with Wynn Duffy and co. sitting nonchalantly off to the side with some grapefruit juice. The hour is just filled with these kinds of moments, and this is what Justified is all about.

Still, I think the most impressive scene is that last one in the office where Raylan, Art, and company celebrate Art’s success. Not only is it so satisfying seeing them just have some fun, but it also serves as a bittersweet moment that’s laced with tension at the end. The show could’ve easily let Raylan off the hook for the Nicky Augustine murder, but he has a nice character moment at the end that showcases his respect for his boss. Also, it sets up an intriguing situation next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Raylan-Art relationship developed further.

The episode in general handles Art’s character very well, and man, is it entertaining watching him have fun taking down the bad guys. Nick Searcy plays it perfectly.

Speaking of bad guys: damn it, Jonathan from Buffy. The prison guard returns again, and Ava’s going to be locked up for who knows how long now. So, Boyd’s at the top of his game; his plan’s working perfectly, screwing over Mara, Lee, and the Sheriff without much personal harm, but in the end, all it takes for his downfall is one measly prison guard. Sure, there are people pulling the strings, but it’s all about adapting in this world. It’s all about living in the now, because when you’re lulled into that false sense of security, it’ll bite you in the ass.



-Dewey Crowe also gets another “sad-yet-hilarious” scene where he tries to pour his heart out to his prostitutes.

-“I’ve been called many things, but inarticulate ain’t one of them.” Boyd Crowder, certified badass.

-Ava’s speech to Boyd: after that moment, I knew it wasn’t going to turn out well for her. Thank God she’s still alive, though. It’ll hurt to see her continue to struggle.

-Honestly, this is just showdown after showdown between amazing actors. I love it.

-Theo Tonin shows up again, and he’s promptly arrested. Great to see Adam Arkin, though, who directed the episode as well.

-“They let you play?”
“Yeah, call it affirmative action.”
“No, you don’t get to use that”

-Warehouse battles!

-I leave you with this: “Now word’s ‘gun burn through these hills and hollers like a wildfire. People of Harlan County, rich and poor, will marvel at your debasement and venality. They will spit venom when they speak your name. And they will take your suicide as the last pact of a coward. Now your reputation is ruined, your good word worthless, but death will not be the end of your suffering. For generations your children, and your children’s children will have a mark against their name, and that will be your legacy.”

Photo credit: FX, Justified

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