Justified “Weight” Review (5×10)

19 Mar


Harlan’s never really contained a hierarchy of criminals so much as a jumbled mess of ’em.

Sure, you have the smart, calculating Boyd Crowders and the not-so-smart, not-so-calculating Dewey Crowes of the world, but in this type of environment, who’s to say who wins? Unpredictability is dangerous, and it’s questionable whether someone like Boyd Crowder is any better off than Dewey Crowe when it comes to handling rapid-fire decisions and outpourings of emotion.

In fact, that very problem makes its way into Boyd’s relationship with Ava this week, and that problem is in the form of a guy named Albert, who, if you forgot, is the guard who stabbed himself in order to keep Ava in prison. Boyd, with the weight on his shoulders of his wife saying goodbye earlier, is all ready to beat this guy up; yet, when Albert confesses his love for Ava, Boyd starts to realize the gravity of the situation he’s in. He sees himself in Albert, an emotionally wrecked and desperate man pining after one of the inmates. There’s a sense of futility to his situation, and he senses it.

Now, Ava already sensed it a while back. In “Weight”, though, the cement is hardening, what with Judith’s death and her cutting ties with her husband. This is a place where morality goes to die and, just like in Harlan, unpredictability runs rampant.

Speaking of unpredictability, the episode continues to explore the Crowe family, showing us the violent side of Daryl–while still using the justification of family–and the demise of Danny Crowe. The latter situation, in particular, is strangely poetic, bringing down the guy who took out Jean-Baptiste in a very anti-climactic–but fitting–manner; his trip into his own grave is hilarious and devastating all at once, and man, how can we not feel for a guy with such a huge love of dogs?

Dewey Crowe’s love, on the other hand, is money, and that doesn’t mean he wants to figure out ways to swindle people out of their savings; he sees himself as a victim, one of the swindled who still should make the dough and command a certain level of respect from others. He can be mind-numbingly stupid sometimes, but there’s no denying that it’s people like him who might be the most disruptive, the most dangerous. Raylan Givens’s solution right now is to essentially kill all the bad guys, but how can he do it if they’re slipping out of his grasp at every turn?



-“That’s a lot of confidence for a man who wears shorts with combat boots.”

-“To think people say the business model is idiot proof. Speaking of which, where’s Dewey?” Raylan is at his snarky best throughout that entire scene.

-More Rachel and Tim, please.

-Mary Steennburgen’s cameo is pretty great, and her dynamic with Duffy looks to be very entertaining.

-Dickie and Raylan’s scene is absolutely electric, and it’s so wonderful seeing Jeremy Davies back on the show.

-“Go to a Gas n’ Go or whatever and get yourself a map of Kentucky. Follow Route 9 Southbound all the way down with your finger; follow it way, way down until you’re pointing right at your asshole. Then what you’re gonna do is you take your hand and just go ahead and cram it right up inside; you gotta make sure, Raylan, that you do it in a way so that the rest of you just keeps on following your hand right up your ass right up inside all that shit that you’re so full of, Raylan. And then what you’re gonna do is just wink out of existence forever.” I had to take down that whole speech. Man, is it awesome.

-Apologies for the lateness and lack of normal amounts of elaboration; I’m writing this half-asleep. I’ll hopefully catch the last few episodes at the regular times.

Photo credit: FX, Justified

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