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Justified “Weight” Review (5×10)

19 Mar


Harlan’s never really contained a hierarchy of criminals so much as a jumbled mess of ’em.

Sure, you have the smart, calculating Boyd Crowders and the not-so-smart, not-so-calculating Dewey Crowes of the world, but in this type of environment, who’s to say who wins? Unpredictability is dangerous, and it’s questionable whether someone like Boyd Crowder is any better off than Dewey Crowe when it comes to handling rapid-fire decisions and outpourings of emotion.

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Justified “Whistle Past the Graveyard” Review (5×08)

4 Mar

373068036f8a4146c199176c61603691“You’re both under arrest, because you’re a fugitive…and you’re a dick.”

Justified can still bring the humor, but while this line is, for me, the funniest of the episode, it also encapsulates all of the problems of “Whistle Past the Graveyard”. There’s an ambivalence here that’s creeping throughout the show, and this episode in particular stumbles a bit in that department.

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Justified “Raw Deal” Review (5×07)

25 Feb

Justified-5x07-8Justified is always going to be an endlessly watchable show, delivering crackling wit, tension, and sharp dialogue throughout each episode. That’s the case this week: although the episode isn’t up to par with the rest of the season, it still contains, simply speaking, pure fun.

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