Saturday Night Live “Andy Samberg/St. Vincent” Live Blog/Review (39×21)

17 May


SOLANGE AND JAY-Z COLD OPEN: Well, it’s time to kick off the season 39 finale of SNL, and it’s a perfectly average way to do so. I did get some kicks out of the whole spider dialogue over the video, but aside from that, the only really bright spot is Maya Rudolph showing up as Beyonce. GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: Hey, it’s Seth Meyers! It’s Bill Hader! It’s Martin Short. This is an entertaining monologue, just based on the guests alone, and the energy is pretty good tonight. It isn’t a hilarious monologue, but it’s fun to watch. GRADE: B+

CAMP WICAWABE: This sketch hinges upon the girls’ obliviousness to everything Samberg’s character says, and it’s only mildly funny. Samberg does get in some good lines though, that are funny in their immaturity. GRADE: B-

WHEN WILL THE BASS DROP?: I must admit: when I saw that “SNL Digital Short” label, I was really excited. Then…what? The sketch isn’t very  funny, aside from maybe the first time an audience member explodes (which is more head-scratching than funny). I don’t know, maybe my expectations were too high, considering the Digital Short track record. Still, I appreciate the shots taken at that awful music. GRADE: C+

CONFIDENT HUNCHBACK: This seems like a half-formed sketch that doesn’t really go anywhere, and the only thing it has going for it is that it knows when to get off stage. Samberg tries his best, the material isn’t great. GRADE: C

WEEKEND UPDATE: “Don’t sass me, Clueless!” This is a funny final update of the year, especially given Paul Rudd and Andy Samberg’s “Get In the Cage” segment. It’s always great to see the Cage impression, and it’s a nice follow-up to Kyle Mooney’s Bruce Chandling. Chandling is awful on purpose, and I’m a sucker for that stuff. GRADE: B

VOGELCHECKS: Okay, this is fun, and it strikes the nostalgia button right at its core. This is essentially an “old cast member” reunion, and it looks like they’re having a blast. In addition, the visual of everyone licking, making out, and transferring breaths is hilarious. GRADE: B+

WAKING UP WITH KIMYE: This is one of those sketches with definite diminishing returns, and while watching Kim be stupid makes for some funny moments, it’s a largely mediocre turn for this sketch. Killam as Bruce Jenner doesn’t do much, either. GRADE: C

HUGS: Hey, it’s The Lonely Island! Missed you guys. Anyway, it’s a catchy enough song, and while it’s not up to par with the previous Digital Shorts–in terms of lyrics or music–it’s nice to see one again. Also, Pharrell and TATIANA MASLANY!!!!!! GRADE: B+

LEGOLAS FROM ‘THE HOBBIT’ TRIES TO ORDER AT TACO BELL: Great concept, but a little lacking in execution. It’s meant to be a quick sketch, but I feel like that hurts the idea here; they could’ve gone in so many different directions, but it’s fairly subdued. GRADE: B-

BLIZZARD MAN: This is a one-note-joke sketch that doesn’t really skate by on energy like it wants to; 2 Chainz is probably the most entertaining one here, and Samberg as a terrible rapper is only funny at first. GRADE: C+

ST. VINCENT: This is a very unique group that does some excellent things with the stage it’s given to work with; for example, I love the visual of the guitarists alternating, moving front and back. As for the music itself? It doesn’t quite grab me on first listen, but I must say, after looking them up online, I’m a bit more interested in their music.

BVLGARI WATCHES: Well, this might be the first ex-pornstars sketch that I don’t love. I like it, but it’s not as tight (haha, there’s a joke right there for you) as the others, nor as hilarious. I did love the “cowgirl” quote, though; this sketch is always very quotable. GRADE: B


Well, it’s been a bumpy season, as always, and it closes out on a fairly average season finale that mostly rides a wave of nostalgia. As for the rest of the season, I’m glad they were able to get Anna Kendrick on the show, and Louis CK was, as always, great; in addition, the Fallon/Timberlake winter finale was fun as hell, and Drake was probably the most surprising host in terms of comedic ability. Worst episode? Easily Jim Parsons.

It’s been a blast, guys. Thanks for reading, and check back in in the fall for season 40.

Photo credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live


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