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Saturday Night Live “Jim Carrey/Iggy Azalea” Live Blog and Review” (40×04)

25 Oct


EBOLA CZAR COLD OPEN: The sketch opens pretty weakly, but it gets better as it progresses. Taran Killam’s Ron Klain doesn’t truly bring the laughs until he starts talking about Latinos being immune to ebola and until he begins urging southern voters to stay away from polling booths. Thompson later gets in a good line with “All of New York is contaminated!” GRADE: B

MONOLOGUE: What the hell? (Ha). This is just weird, and not in a funny way. I think everyone was stoned when this was pitched. GRADE: D+

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Saturday Night Live “Andy Samberg/St. Vincent” Live Blog/Review (39×21)

17 May


SOLANGE AND JAY-Z COLD OPEN: Well, it’s time to kick off the season 39 finale of SNL, and it’s a perfectly average way to do so. I did get some kicks out of the whole spider dialogue over the video, but aside from that, the only really bright spot is Maya Rudolph showing up as Beyonce. GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: Hey, it’s Seth Meyers! It’s Bill Hader! It’s Martin Short. This is an entertaining monologue, just based on the guests alone, and the energy is pretty good tonight. It isn’t a hilarious monologue, but it’s fun to watch. GRADE: B+

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Saturday Night Live “Seth Rogen/Ed Sheeran” Live Blog/Review (39×18)

12 Apr


COACHELLA: Well, at least Nasim Pedrad’s doing something! The sketch seems like a half-developed idea that goes absolutely nowhere, and while the actors do their best to make a mediocre script entertaining, the jokes don’t land. GRADE: C

MONOLOGUE: The monologue isn’t particularly funny, but hey, there are a bunch of guests: James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Taylor Swift (who shows up whenever a man shows emotion). Rogen himself has this general likability around him, and the entire sequence is fun to watch unfold. GRADE: B-

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Saturday Night Live “Anna Kendrick/Pharrell Williams” Live Blog/Review (39×17)

5 Apr


GENERAL MOTORS IGNITION SWITCH RECALL: There really isn’t much to this sketch, but Kate McKinnon does her best to make it entertaining. The premise seems half-baked, though, and the laughs are sparse. GRADE: C+

MONOLOGUE: Man, I love Anna Kendrick so much. I usually am not fond of musical monologues, but her energy and excitement is off the charts. The whole segment is exciting, visually appealing (Anna Kendrick is the focal point, of course), and catchy. This should be a good show…I hope. GRADE: A-

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Saturday Night Live “Louis CK/Sam Smith” Live Blog/Review (39×16)

29 Mar

louis-ck-explains-his-initials-in-saturday-night-live-promos.jpg HEALTHCARE.GOV: Sigh. This topic is past the point of being funny, but the show’s able to milk some entertainment from it, most notably from Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber. However, the sketch never truly gels, instead coming off as shaky and unfinished. I wonder how a “Between Two Ferns” parody would’ve turned out. Can you even parody that? GRADE: C+

MONOLOGUE: I love Louis CK, and I’m so happy that we get a stand-up routine from his monologue. There’s excellent stuff in here about God/religion and gender issues, and this just proves what a great talent he is. Man, I am so excited for Louie this May. GRADE: A Continue reading

Saturday Night Live “Lena Dunham/The National” Live Blog/Review (39×15)

8 Mar

140304_2754027_SNL_Promo__Lena_DunhamA MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA: The premise behind this sketch is fairly average, but when you bring out Liam Neeson and have him repeat his “Taken” monologue, the entertainment level will still be ratcheted up a bit. The macho-man Obama stuff falls a bit flat, but overall, this is better than your normal political cold open. GRADE: B

MONOLOGUE: I could do without addressing the nudity on Girls again, as I’m past tired of that discussion (also, uh oh, does that mean more Internet trolling tomorrow?). However, I’m a sucker for double entendres, and Kate McKinnon in particular is great as Dunham’s grandmother. GRADE: B-

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Saturday Night Live “Jim Parsons/Beck” Live Blog/Review (39×14)

1 Mar

26-jim-parsons-snlELLEN COLD OPEN: Well, we’re back after an extended hiatus, and we’re treated to a lazy, meandering cold open that features Parsons doing an awful Johnny Weir impression and myriad lame jokes; at least Kate McKinnon is mildly entertaining. Not a very good way to kick off the night. GRADE: C

MONOLOGUE: “I’m not that guy. I’m not that guy.” Uh, cool? Understandably, Parsons goes off about Sheldon Cooper, but he doesn’t really bring anything to the table that suggests he isn’t. You can tell he’s a bit nervous, though, and the whole thing is very shaky. GRADE: C-

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