24: Live Another Day “Day 9: 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.” Review (9×06)

3 Jun


One of the constants for any series about a character like Jack Bauer is the idea of collateral damage, the idea of those around him being hurt by his actions, even if he’s choosing to do the right thing. That’s law enforcement and crime for you, and this week, Kate Morgan’s strung up and tortured as Jack attempts to get his information.

Granted, it is a plan agreed upon by both parties, but it also doesn’t turn out anything like Jack wants it to. It’s cruel in the simplicity of the turn of events, and a sense of dread starts to creep in after Rask mentions his own drug that counteracts the one Jack gives her. Of course, it’s no coincidence that Kate handles herself in a very Jack Bauer-esque way; they’ve been building up the parallels, and her wrapping her legs around the baddie’s neck is right out of the Bauer Playbook (it’s right next to the “I don’t have time to explain” plan). She’s not going to allow herself to become a victim, but the simple fact still remains: this plan goes downhill very, very fast.

Elsewhere, we see Simone’s attempt to balance empathy, duty, and loyalty backfire on her, resulting in her niece escaping and her being hit by a bus. Simone’s caught between her own views–some instilled in her by Naveed–and those of her controlling mother, and her inability to truly commit nearly gets her killed. You can’t play sides in this 24 world. You’re either with Jack Bauer or against Jack Bauer.



-Ah, a mole. Hey, Steve Navarro. Wouldn’t be 2without one, as much as we might get tired of them. Can we go bold this year and make Jack the mole?

– “There’s no Metzger at the bank.” I will answer all questions from now on in a manner akin to this one. For example, my response to “Where were you yesterday?” will be “There is no yesterday”.

-Next week, Jack wants a sandwich. Heller: Jack wants it, Jack needs it, Jack gets it!

-Mark tells Jack to stay away from Audrey. That ain’t gonna happen.

-We are now halfway through the season.

Photo credit: FOX, 24: Live Another Day

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