Battlestar Galactica “The Hand of God”/ “Colonial Day” Review (1×10/1×11)

4 Jun


EPISODE 10–“The Hand of God”

So far, the Galactica has been on the defensive, fleeing from the Cylons, fending off attacks and dealing with problem after problem. So, it’s nice to finally see them get to go out and kick some Cylon ass.

The planning and execution of the attack is really well handled throughout the episode, and instead of a sense of foreboding, we feel more of a building sense of determination; the stakes are just as high as before, but there’s a tangible purpose to the attack that really lends itself to the driving nature of the episode. This also paves the way for some interesting character dynamics, and the scene in which Adama adds weights to the machine to prove his point about Starbuck not flying is excellent.

We’re also getting Gaius Baltar and his “instrument of God” statement, and here, we see basic narcissism elevated to a different level. Let’s see how this turns out later on.

EPISODE 11–“Colonial Day”

The first thing I thought when I saw the Cloud 9 was “Why the hell aren’t people fighting to live here?” Seriously, it’s a pretty nice place. Anyway, the episode is a nice change of scenery, but I’m not sure how well it holds up in the greater context of the show, or, for that matter, the very issues brought up by people like Zarek throughout. It’s interesting to get a little more background behind the colonies’ government, as well as to see Roslin being the politician she needs to be to stop Zarek, but again, the show dances around the problems it itself brings up.

GRADES: “The Hand of God” (A-), “Colonial Day” (B)


-Starbuck. Ya gotta love her, especially when she’s chasing Lee around with a water hose and later wearing a dress and dancing.

-The entire attack sequence in “The Hand of God” is just so much fun to watch, and the special effects are nicely done. It’s also great to see some actual moments of joy and celebration afterward.

-Roslin and Adama danced.

-Why the hell is Gaius this close to becoming President? GAIUS BALTAR. The one who acts out his own porn film in the middle of the ship every day. THAT GUY.

-Helo and Sharon do stuff, and there’s a cliffhanger. ’till next week.

-Next week: the two part season 1 finale, “Kobol’s Last Gleaming”

Photo credit: Syfy, Battlestar Galactica

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