Saturday Night Live “Jim Carrey/Iggy Azalea” Live Blog and Review” (40×04)

25 Oct


EBOLA CZAR COLD OPEN: The sketch opens pretty weakly, but it gets better as it progresses. Taran Killam’s Ron Klain doesn’t truly bring the laughs until he starts talking about Latinos being immune to ebola and until he begins urging southern voters to stay away from polling booths. Thompson later gets in a good line with “All of New York is contaminated!” GRADE: B

MONOLOGUE: What the hell? (Ha). This is just weird, and not in a funny way. I think everyone was stoned when this was pitched. GRADE: D+

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY FOR LINCOLN: “…kinda like going from winning an Oscar to doing a car commercial” is a great line, and Carrey’s McConaughey impression isn’t bad (Killam is still much better). I have a feeling we’ll see this again. GRADE: B

CARREY FAMILY: I would’ve been surprised if Jeff Daniels didn’t show up at some point, considering the release of Dumb and Dumber Too next month, and here he is. I’m a sucker for impressions sketches, and although I’m not the hugest fan of Carrey’s roles, this sketch features some great impressions (especially Cecily Strong’s). GRADE: B-


PAUL AND PHIL: Thankfully, this one doesn’t go on too long, otherwise it’d run the risk of not being very funny. As it is, there are still some laughs to be found here in Moynihan’s and Thompson’s angry reactions to Paul and Phil. GRADE: C+

MCCONAUGHEY DRIVES HIS CAR INTO THE ALLSTATE DUDE: Okay, props for the surprise factor when McConaughey’s car appears out of nowhere. GRADE: B+

WEEKEND UPDATE: The Che-Daisy Rose segment highlights exactly why Michael Che was a good hire, and it’s clear that he’s completely comfortable now; he and Bayer have a great dynamic throughout, and his delivery is fantastic. As for Drunk Uncle, he, as always, has a bunch of funny lines, and the moment in which he passes up Che for Jost is hilarious. I like the continuity here with the guests meeting the new anchors. GRADE: B+

SECRET BILLIONAIRE: This takes a while to get going, but the highlight of the sketch is Carrey going on about his ‘essence’ being met by mother Earth and whatnot. Strong’s “I like seafood” is also hilarious. It’s a strange sketch, but it works for me. GRADE: B-

GHOSTS: FACT OR FICTION?: This sketch pretty much hinges upon whether you like Leslie Jones or not, and as of right now, I’m ambivalent. However, there’s no denying that Jones carries this sketch. I hope she’s used well in future episodes, but welcome to the cast. GRADE: B-

ZOMBIES: Eh. Pete Davidson as a zombie doing a Brian Williams impression is pretty funny, but everyone else is average. The sketch doesn’t have much of a driving force, and it sputters to a close. GRADE: C

CHANDELIER: Well, this started as a pretty meh sketch, and then look what happened. Kate McKinnon and Jim Carrey dance around the sketch to Sia’s “Chandelier”, and it’s awesome. Fourth wall breaking galore! Plus, Joanne wins the costume contest. GRADE: A-

IGGY AZALEA: Wow, she is not good live, is she? I probably should place more blame on the backup singers–they were not good–but in general, both performances are uninspired and pretty bland. GRADE: C

GEOFF’S HALLOWEEN EMPORIUM: We have a callback to Will Ferrell with the puking here, and these two are apparently are the ex porn stars turned Halloween Emporium workers. It’s a strange sketch to close off a strange night. GRADE: C+


Photo credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live


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  1. MovieManJackson October 26, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    I think I may have to watch Azalea’s performance just because I’ve heard such negativity for it! Very thorough write up.

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