Community “Wedding Videography” Review (6×12)

26 May


This is a bizarre episode that I wasn’t expecting to work as well as it did. There are several swing-and-a-miss moments throughout, but overall, it’s able to end up as a consistently funny half hour with some solid character moments. It’s a more intimate look at the group than we’ve had in recent memory, highlighting not only the endearing, entertaining side of these individuals, but also the darker side that can come out. As fun as they are to watch, Jeff, Britta, Annie, and the rest all have flaws, and some of those flaws can be attributed to the idea of the group itself.

At the beginning of the episode, we see everyone hanging out and having a good time in the apartment, and it’s a family-esque environment that underscores just how right these people are for each other. I’m not the biggest fan of the mockumentary style approach here, but I won’t deny that it definitely does make for quite a few funny scenes throughout: Jeff going on about synergy and Frankie popping in to say “codependence”, Britta doing her Aubrey Plaza and Garrett impressions, Elroy explaining his history of “encouraging white people”, Briggs Hatton’s strange incest tag at the end, Annie and her celebrity dragon puns, etc. At the same time, there’s also a bit of a mean-spirited undertone here; the show takes care not to go overboard with that tone, but it’s there.

After all, this episode is portraying both sides of the group. They both have a hand in uniting the wedding parties and ruining the wedding ceremony, and scenes beforehand–e.g. the impressions scene–also seem to have a negative side to them along with the obvious entertainment. That’s not to say that the episode is merely about revealing these individuals’ tendencies to view themselves as centers and everyone else as outsiders; rather, the episode also wants to highlight how they can bring people together in their own, unique way. This is best encapsulated by that wonderful Chang speech at the end, a fantastic moment for the character and for the episode. “Wedding Videography” is ultimately a snapshot of where these characters are right now in their lives and how they interact, and it’s a flawed, yet interesting, way to head into the big sixth season finale.



-Very interesting idea brought up by this episode: the group itself can be viewed as incestuous in its own way. And that can be both good or bad, but what matters in the end is that they care for each other.

-Fake Dan Harmon and the whiteboard “clues” are hilarious in that end tag (“Troy returns….or Pierce?”)

-Erik Charles Nielsen is great in this episode.

-I really wonder what they have I’m store for the finale, and I wonder about the state of the show with Yahoo. Obviously, we have “six seasons and a movie”, but will there be a seventh season? If not, it’ll be interesting to see what the writing staff has in store for a potential series finale.

Photo credit: Yahoo Screen, Community


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