The Lego Batman Movie Review

7 Feb


Doesn’t quite sustain its high energy, rapid-fire delivery throughout, but the quick-moving parts contribute to a very enjoyable story. The script is witty, the voice performances are stellar–especially Cera–and the self-referential humor actually means something with regards to the central character. Compare the humor and the social commentary to that of the movie’s predecessor all you want, but this one still deserves a lot of credit for engaging with and understanding its main character. This is an analysis of the Caped Crusader filtered through history, comedy, and a simple but resonant thematic base about ego and loneliness. At the same time, it’s also an infectious kaleidoscope of color that recognizes the fun of its premise: a bunch of legos running around fighting each other.



One Response to “The Lego Batman Movie Review”

  1. peggyatthemovies February 9, 2017 at 2:36 pm #

    Good review!! Sadly I only saw about 15min of this as the rapid-fire delivery point went right over the head of the 3 1/2 yr old I took last wknd. It’s definitely not for younger kids – maybe 7 or 8 on up. It did look like a bit of fun tho.

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