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Sons of Anarchy “Aon Rud Persanta” Live Blog/Review (6×11)

19 Nov

All times central.

9:06-Yeah, forgiveness is impossible at this point. These characters are at a junction in their lives where they can’t go back; still, I like how Nero respects Gemma’s decision here. If you think about it, he and Unser are the most clear-headed ones left in town.

9:13-See? Unser gets the kids!

9:14-“She seems really sad.”

9:19-Hopefully this is the only montage we get in this episode.

9:28-Unser’s asking all the tough questions here; this show needs someone like that to prevent everyone from tumbling down those paths of immorality. The love he has for Gemma, as long as it doesn’t actually turn into a full-blown romance storyline, is a sweet, grounded character motivation that fits in well.

9:35-This is a pretty well-done action scene, something Sons has always been good at.

9:35-Aw, not Bobby.

9:44-So Jax is going ahead and eliminating everyone. It just goes to show you; even though he wants to get out of guns, we’re at the point where there just really is no way to do it without violence and bloodshed.

9:48-So it seems like we’re getting a scene that’s emulating the earlier seasons; everyone’s together in one place, Tara’s putting aside her beefs and reprising her role as the “Mob Doctor”, and Clay’s in the presence of the club. However, everything’s different now; that tension is simmering on the surface, and everyone’s carrying the burden of past events.

9:54-I gotta say, I’m pleasantly surprised that the show’s ridding itself of Clay. Perlman’s a great actor, but the guy’s been dead weight for a while. It’s as good enough a swan song as he’ll get; Clay gets in a few words with Gemma and comes to terms with the club’s decision. In fact, I’m sure he accepted it a while back; he can’t have been expecting much sympathy, even from his wife.

10:00-It’s nice to see everyone bonding over Clay’s death; he’s wronged them all in some way, and before the other shit goes down, they’re taking some satisfaction in what’s happened.

10:12-I’d like to see Nero adopt Jax.

10:20-These Justified and The Americans promos are getting me pumped.


This is a solid episode that gives Clay a nice send off and paves the way for some interesting roads in our final two episodes; there’s probably more tragedy to come. It may not be death, but with Tara still, understandably, putting her family first, things are bound to get messy.

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