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Sons of Anarchy “Red Rose” Review (7×12)

2 Dec


“I love you, Jackson, from the deepest, purest part of my heart. You have to do this. It’s who we are, sweetheart.”

Throughout the first six seasons of the show, the word that kept popping up around Jax Teller was “legitimacy”. He wanted to move the club in the right direction, distance himself from John and Clay, and raise a family after he got out of the gun business. As we head into the final episode of the series, that has all changed; he seems to be on a suicide mission of sorts, an eerie calmness pervading his every fiber as he digs himself deeper and deeper into a hole of no return. Any plans to go legitimate were crushed under the weight of Tara’s death, and the fallout–the lies and betrayal and skewed notions of justice–seal the deal. Jax Teller has fallen hard.

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Sons of Anarchy “Black Widower” Review (7×01)

10 Sep


“I already lost the woman I love. I’m not going to lose my club.”

Going into the final season of the show, Jax Teller is no longer attempting a reinvention of any kind, no longer moving toward legitimacy or structuring a future around his wife or distancing himself from JT’s and Clay’s ideals. It’s all about vengeance now, and Charlie Hunnam portrays Jax as a hollowed-out individual, a perpetual blank stare in his eyes as he does anything from listen to a business deal go down to torture and kill one of Lin’s men.

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Sons of Anarchy “A Mother’s Work” Review (6×13)

11 Dec

sons-of-anarchy-613-1So, here we are at the end of the penultimate season of Sons of Anarchy,  and I feel like I’ve watched more of this show than I have the patience for. I imagine this finale is a divisive one; I, for one, am taking the negative route. I just can’t look past the blatant audience manipulation and plot contrivances that permeate this overlong, sloppily thrown together mess.

First of all, we have characters being used as mere plot devices, none more so than Wayne Unser. One of the things that have made him so endearing is his perpetual, grounded, and sensible care for Gemma and her place in this messed-up world of hers. However, now Sutter believes that a short hugging scene makes up for all the awfulness of Unser’s decisions in this episode. What do I mean by awful decisions? So…I thought Unser was one of the more sensible characters, but then he decides to head over to Gemma and tell her Tara turned on Jax. And okay, so when Unser is like “Yeah, I know you just wanted to leave and all, but you know what, I’ll leave these keys right here and head off to get your pills and maybe jerk off a little in the kitchen”, I’m able to chalk that up to sheer idiocy.

But then, when I’m expecting the next scene to be him going batshit crazy over the fact that this insane, angry drunk just LEFT, PROBABLY DUE TO WHAT HE JUST TOLD HER, he instead saunters over to get some ice cream and thinks about the situation for a bit before deciding that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is the right thing to do.

It’s an utter disparaging of the value of his character, and it’s one more in a line of contrivances that get us to that last scene, which, by the way, is not very good. It’s a gratuitous scene that should feel powerful, but instead just feels like a character death. I lament the fact that Juice arrives to tidy it all up; Gemma seems as if she’s finally able to own up to her crimes and turn herself in, but she eventually doesn’t have to. I get her motivations behind it all–she truly believes that killing Tara is the right thing to do, because she places everything under the guise of family–and the shitty place she’s in, but she doesn’t really face any consequences here.

Okay, okay, so everyone does feel some consequences at the end, but then again, it just seems like we’re in this perpetual state of violence and misery that’s advertised as “realistic”. Yes, everyone in this show is digging him or herself deeper into a hole, but that doesn’t mean the show can’t have fun. I’m not saying everyone should smile and dance with each other, but rather we have more episodes like, say, “Salvage”, which was a thoroughly entertaining episode that hearkened back to the old days.

Anyway, that’s not to say this episode doesn’t have its good parts. The acting, for the most part, is pretty damn good, specifically in Jax and Tara’s tense reunion at the park; Siff’s wonderful at conveying the fear, loathing, and even the love she feels toward her husband, and Hunnam does great work with the stoic expression, a man with pent-up feelings simmering, waiting for the right time to explode. In addition, as much as I dislike the way the final scene turns out, I am looking forward to Juice’s storyline; so far, the writers have done a nice job balancing his arc with the friendship and tension between Jax and Nero, and hopefully that continues next year.

All in all, it’s a mediocre and frustrating finale with a few entertaining moments, which is really emblematic of the season as a whole. I’m not terribly excited for the final season, but I do wish for some improvement next year.




-Jax’s storyline seems a bit rushed; I do like the idea of him trying to repent for his sins, but we don’t get very clear motivations behind his quick turnaround. Instead, we get an awfully written monologue to begin the episode and some REALLY heavy-handed symbolism with the running over of the bird (did we really need that?).

-So even Nero’s been corrupted by the Mayans. It definitely illustrates the pull of the criminal world on supposedly virtuous, even-keeled people, but of course, while I can see it happening, I wish he could make better decisions; he’s one of my favorite characters, and I don’t want to see him brought down to Jax’s level.

-I’m happy Tyne Patterson’s hasn’t descended into the cartoonish villain Toric was; Pounder’s an excellent actress, and I’m looking forward to how her character handles this.

-Speaking of acting, the show brings in Kim Dickens and Peter Weller, and does pretty much nothing with them. Unacceptable.

-Jax saying his goodbyes is a fairly poignant and well done moment.

-See you all next year for the seventh and final season.

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Sons of Anarchy “Aon Rud Persanta” Live Blog/Review (6×11)

19 Nov

All times central.

9:06-Yeah, forgiveness is impossible at this point. These characters are at a junction in their lives where they can’t go back; still, I like how Nero respects Gemma’s decision here. If you think about it, he and Unser are the most clear-headed ones left in town.

9:13-See? Unser gets the kids!

9:14-“She seems really sad.”

9:19-Hopefully this is the only montage we get in this episode.

9:28-Unser’s asking all the tough questions here; this show needs someone like that to prevent everyone from tumbling down those paths of immorality. The love he has for Gemma, as long as it doesn’t actually turn into a full-blown romance storyline, is a sweet, grounded character motivation that fits in well.

9:35-This is a pretty well-done action scene, something Sons has always been good at.

9:35-Aw, not Bobby.

9:44-So Jax is going ahead and eliminating everyone. It just goes to show you; even though he wants to get out of guns, we’re at the point where there just really is no way to do it without violence and bloodshed.

9:48-So it seems like we’re getting a scene that’s emulating the earlier seasons; everyone’s together in one place, Tara’s putting aside her beefs and reprising her role as the “Mob Doctor”, and Clay’s in the presence of the club. However, everything’s different now; that tension is simmering on the surface, and everyone’s carrying the burden of past events.

9:54-I gotta say, I’m pleasantly surprised that the show’s ridding itself of Clay. Perlman’s a great actor, but the guy’s been dead weight for a while. It’s as good enough a swan song as he’ll get; Clay gets in a few words with Gemma and comes to terms with the club’s decision. In fact, I’m sure he accepted it a while back; he can’t have been expecting much sympathy, even from his wife.

10:00-It’s nice to see everyone bonding over Clay’s death; he’s wronged them all in some way, and before the other shit goes down, they’re taking some satisfaction in what’s happened.

10:12-I’d like to see Nero adopt Jax.

10:20-These Justified and The Americans promos are getting me pumped.


This is a solid episode that gives Clay a nice send off and paves the way for some interesting roads in our final two episodes; there’s probably more tragedy to come. It may not be death, but with Tara still, understandably, putting her family first, things are bound to get messy.

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Sons of Anarchy “Los Fantasmas” Review (6×08)

30 Oct

627-20Consequence sometimes takes a while to latch on, but it always does. I’d argue that Sons takes a bit too long dishing out realistic consequence, though, as it almost always means violence. However, I like that this episode takes a step back and asks, “Hey, remember all that shit we did? Yeah, about that.”

For example, much as it’s great that Nero finally decides to just take the blame, it’s also great that Patterson decides to let Nero off the hook. After Toric died, she started to embody some of his character traits, becoming overwhelmed by a desire for justice rather than using her brains. Now, she’s both using her smarts and listening to her conscience, and the mourning parent committing suicide is a cathartic moment for her.

On the other hand, I wish the guy didn’t commit suicide. It essentially  absolves the Sons of their sins. Sure, Patterson’s now really bent on taking them down and they feel some guilt at the scene, but come on, these guys deserved worse than this a long time ago. They’re just as much at fault for the shooting, and there should be consequences…you know, not just the “obligatory season finale event that makes all these biker dudes sad for a bit”.

As for the rest of the episode, it’s mainly taken up by the Tara-Gemma storyline. I’m glad Unser acts as a medium here, calling both women out on their actions, as well as their subsequent weak family justifications (shades of Walter White there). For Tara, while it’s understandable she feels guilty about leaving her life behind, she also needs to leave; otherwise, this whole storyline would result in absolutely nothing. Still, I think she’ll leave. Her husband is her weakness, and she’s trying to escape from his influence; him finding out about the plan shouldn’t deter her one bit.



-Man, Juice has got some issues. Next week, he jumps off a building, then changes his mind halfway through.

-I can’t help but feel bad for Wendy.

-Just break out of prison already, Clay.

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Sons of Anarchy “Salvage” Review (6×06)

16 Oct

627-6Just thought I’d check in on the season with a few quick thoughts…

-This is the most entertaining and optimistic the show’s been in a while. Sometimes it’s necessary to just let the characters breathe for a second; not everything has to be dark and violent, and this episode is a nice digression from the depression-laced nature of the first five episodes.

-Jax’s long speech to the club is fantastic; not only is it sensible, but it really emphasizes that brotherly connection among the members. This moment was a long time coming (perhaps a bit too long), and it’s acted perfectly by Hunnam.

-The episode also serves as a nice transition into the second half of the season; we start to see some trouble on the horizon with Juice, a guy that’s always been quietly falling into his own hole. That starts to come out in this episode. In addition, CCH Pounder’s Patterson is starting to become increasingly involved in the proceedings, and she’s set to be the club’s greatest adversary on the cop front. She’s fueled by a need for justice and anger over Toric, and it’s exciting to see how she interacts with Gemma and Tara. She can hit the club on the home front.

-The moment when Patterson takes off her wig (“Time to go hood, sista”) is pretty awesome.

-The scrap between the corrupt cops and the club is superfluous, but it’s just fun to watch. The scene where they escape on the bikes is reminiscent of earlier seasons, and I realize that I’ve missed the old Sons.

-Bobby’s storyline turns out perfectly, and it alleviates my concerns about his character. He’s just been trying to do the right thing, recruiting members for the club; it’s in character for him, and it adds to the strength of Jax’s speech.

-Walton Goggins returns as Venus Van Damme, and he’s once again brilliant. The scene feels a bit shoehorned in, but it showcases a different side of the character and opens up the possibility of future appearances.


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Charlie Hunnam realizes what he got himself into, backs out of “Fifty Shades of Grey”

12 Oct

627Charlie Hunnam in a leather jacket, which he would’ve used freely in this movie ^^

After initially mistaking his “Fifty Shades of Grey” role as one in which he gets to play a Kaiju in the bedroom, Charlie Hunnam has finally realized that no, he is not the right person for the job. After arriving on set and being asked to engage in, and I quote “Sexy stuff with sexy toys”, he went home and rummaged through his trash to find his mother’s copy of the book. He flipped to page (inset literally any page) and started reading, then immediately got an erection and threw the book into a cauldron of his blood and tears.

Universal, the production company for the movie, released a statement stating

The filmmakers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam’s immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey.

This statement tells us two false things: 1) Charlie Hunnam was made by a filmmaker, and 2) Charlie Hunnam has an immersive TV schedule. Hunnam apparently spends every second of his day perusing “Sons of Anarchy” scripts and smoking joints with Kurt Sutter, and therefore cannot prepare for his role. Or, the statement most likely means

Charlie Hunnam would be terrible as Christian Grey and he wouldn’t even prepare for it anyway and he has a stupid American accent.

No word yet on Dakota Johnson, but she will presumably be leaving just as soon as she comes to her senses and decides to pass on her role to a more “respected” actress (as if anyone would still be respected after engaging in softcore porn on screen for 2 hours).

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PTC condemns “Sons of Anarchy” season premiere because they don’t have anything better to do with their lives

12 Sep


Today, the Parents Television Council (also known as the GOPA, or Group of Pretentious Assholes) decided to use their oh so wonderful 1st Amendment rights to petition Congress for what is essentially a Constitutional amendment. For a TV show.

Oh yes, this group of rambunctious little worrywarts is back at it again, releasing a statement today that reads, “The Parents Television Council is calling on its members to contact Congress to express the urgent need for a consumer cable choice solution in response to the violent and sexually graphic premiere of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy, which featured a young boy committing a school shooting, simulated rape scenes, torture of women, and a man who was drowned in a bathtub of urine”, which essentially means “We didn’t like the episode, so we want everyone to conform to our highly idealistic and narrow-minded view of television in general.”

What a hoot! Last I checked, parents decided what their kids could and couldn’t watch, not a group of idiots that are getting more attention than they deserve (I’m writing an article about them, for God’s sake). What’s next? Criticizing Game of Thrones, Hannibal, or pretty much all of TV? I’m so glad there’s a council out there telling adults how to act.

Of course, all members of this group probably watch these shows in a dark room somewhere, smoking joints, giggling, and slapping each other with balloon animals. They’re so distracted that they don’t seem to notice the “TV-MA” and the “VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED” and the “THIS PROGRAM CONTAINS VIOLENCE, LANGUAGE, SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND NUDITY, WHICH ARE THE EXACT THINGS WE’RE CRITICIZING” disclaimers, four or five of which accompany each episode of every show on the network.

The show is on cable and at 10 pm, and it’s not a show for tiny, messy kids with inferiority complexes. Of course, going by that definition, that’s the equivalent of saying it’s not a show for the PTC.

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Sons of Anarchy “Straw” Review (6×01)

11 Sep


Sons of Anarchy is an entertaining, pulpy show that’s always a delight to have on television. This doesn’t change in the Season 6 premiere, which opens with Tara and Clay in jail and the club at a breaking point. Even within jail, (the magnificent) Donal Logue’s Lee Toric is trying to tear SAMCRO apart. He visits Tara, Clay, and Otto, and it’s obvious that he has an immediate effect. Tara breaks down and attacks another inmate, Otto is already beaten down due to a rape, and Clay is forced to comply with Toric’s demands. All of them try to maintain a facade, but Toric is able to weasel his way into their minds and tweak a few things. Yet, Toric is also wearing a mask. We see that he’s essentially a crazy person, a drug user that strips naked and likes mirrors for some reason. Everything is at a breaking point.

Outside, Jax and the club confront a group of torture-porn filmmakers after they rough up one of SAMCRO’s girls. It provides for the necessary action, as well as introduces Kim Dickens’s character as a new love interest. I guess it kind of makes sense that Jax would jump into bed with her, as he’s hurt by Tara’s refusal to see him, but I thought he had more principles than that. In fact, it’s almost as if he’s transforming into a Clay-type figure. I really wish the show would commit to his character one way or another, though, giving him closure somehow. It would tie up his and Clay’s storylines, as well as Opie’s death. However, I feel as if that won’t happen until later on.

As for Tig, we’re starting to see remorse seep through that hard exterior. He’s truly hurt by all that has transpired, and even though he drowns someone in urine and follows that up by urinating himself, we can see the struggle taking place in his mind in the subsequent scenes.

Now, on to the more controversial storyline. We have a young kid in the background of several scenes throughout. Near the end of the episode, he sits down on a bench, rolls up his sleeves, takes out a gun, and proceeds to start shooting in a school. It’s certainly a shock, but I question the ability of Kurt Sutter to handle something like this. I love Sutter, but he tends to be better at violence for violence’s sake. When the show starts attempting political messages, I’d imagine it would get a bit strange. It’s certainly effective in the context of the episode, however. Anything can explode in a second, and since the kid draws striking similarities to Jax, it reflects how he’s lost emotionally and capable of anything.


Overall, it’s a solid premiere that effectively sets up the rest of the season.

Grade: B

-The show has always suffered from having to juggle multiple storylines at once, so I’m not sure whether Bobby’s storyline will amount to anything compelling.

-The Chibs-Juice scene is heartbreaking to watch. It’s really well acted, and it’s emotionally affecting.

-Peter Weller is awesome. “Persia hasn’t been a country since 637 AD. They’re called Iranians.”

-Gemma’s rising while everyone else is falling. Her relationship with Nero is well off, and she has control over her life.

-Kurt Sutter, always finding a way to abuse himself on screen

-Wendy shows up.

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Hello, I’m a polar bear.

23 Aug

Welcome to this blog. There are millions of other blogs out there, but you chose to look at mine. No, you did not just randomly come across it; you chose it. I will accept nothing less.

As for what we do here, I think the title’s pretty explanatory. I’m a polar bear, and yes, I do watch TV. I am obsessed with various forms of pop culture, in particular television and film, so I started this to get my thoughts down in writing. I am a member of the fabulous online community of The AV Club (which all of you should check out), and I wanted to do something similar to that.

What will we review? Lots of stuff. Our TV reviews will include American Horror Story, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Bridge, The Americans, Wilfred, Louie, Justified, Parks and Recreation, Community, Sons of Anarchy, Hannibal, Orange is the New Black, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Treme, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Archer, New Girl, Parenthood, Orphan Black, Person of Interest, The Walking Dead, Childrens Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::, Girls, Nikita, Strike Back, Veep, Banshee, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Arrow, Revenge, Scandal, The Newsroom, Raising Hope, and others I can’t think of right now. Only some of these will have regular coverage, but I’ll try to get in some posts about all of them. I will also be reviewing new pilots, and may decide to pick up some more shows.

Our TV Classic reviews may include shows like The Shield, The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Friday Night Lights, House, 24, Lost, Chuck, Terriers, Arrested Development, The West Wing, Fringe, Boston Legal, and others.

*I apologize, but many of these shows’ reviews will start in the middle of their seasons, as I am just starting to write. However, I will try to give some thoughts on the episodes before.

Our film reviews will include whatever movies I decide to watch at home or in the theater, and can be new releases or old.

I might also post some random stuff; fan fiction, thoughts on entertainment news, etc.


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