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Person of Interest “Sotto Voce” Review (5×09)

30 May


“Maybe the best we can do is trust each other.”

Talk about a setup for the end. The “Voice” elements of the episode are fairly average, but everything else is extremely well done, building nicely off of the character relationships and the history of the show. It’s an episode of reunions, an episode all about finally revealing certain truths, and it packs a big emotional wallop at the end as a result. The final shot of the Machine Team is reminiscent of the pilot’s closing shot, one that only included Reese and Finch in the park; as we come to the end of five fantastic years, though, we’re reminded one more time of how this team developed. We’re reminded of these people coming together as one to take down Samaritan, to do the best they can to make the world a better place. It’s a beautiful ending.

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