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First Man Review

6 Sep

This year’sĀ DunkirkĀ in that cold, monotonous filmmaking gets praised for its restraint and minimalism when in reality it just has no idea how to translate a compelling real life story. You can sense the push and pull between Chazelle and Singer throughout. The former is clearly straining for some semblance of wonder and artistry, some approach that will transcend the realm of the biopic and unite the film under a grand yet grounded emotional tapestry; unfortunately, with the exception of a scene at the end, this just mostly results in a bunch of perfunctory navel gazing that will undoubtedly be compared to Malick. Meanwhile, Singer is perfectly content with working squarely in the realm of a generic, Point A to Point B type of story, which results in an awkward clash that never provides the film any sort of momentum.

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