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The Top 25 Films of 2013

17 Feb

321227Well, we’re finally at my last End of Year installment: The Top 25 films of 2013. Thanks for reading along, and yes, I do know it’s already the middle of February.

25. THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE: A marked improvement over the first installment is carried by the brilliant performance of Jennifer Lawrence.

24. BLUE JASMINE: In a surprisingly hard-hitting film, Woody Allen crafts a small tale of heartbreak and unfulfillment anchored by Cate Blanchett’s performance.

23. ALL IS LOST: It’s just Robert Redford and a boat, and the film still manages to be intense and exciting; Redford’s fantastic, as is the direction.

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The Top 20 Film Performances of 2013

17 Jan

2014-oscar-predictions-best-actor-actress-1252013-124706Hey, everyone. Welcome to the first installment of my 2013 Year-End Lists, which will be doled out over the next few weeks. I never understood the reasoning behind doing these halfway through December, so I’m starting out now. Enjoy. Today, we’ll be looking at the Top 20 Film Performances of 2013. Note: This list is unranked; I have no idea how I’d rank these performances.

See my top 15 television performances of 2013 list here: https://polarbearstv.com/2014/01/19/the-top-15-television-performances-of-2013/

*Yes, there are 21 performances on this list, and technically 22. I just couldn’t take anyone off.

CHIWETEL EJIOFOR, “12 YEARS A SLAVE”: Ejiofor’s portrayal of Solomon Northup in “12 Years A Slave” is one for the ages. Whether we’re watching him play a violin, take a beating, or ruminate by himself, we always feel connected to his character, connected to his journey down a dark and unflinching road.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON, “HER”: Sadly, she’s viewed as “ineligible” for many awards, which is a damn shame; with just her voice, she conveys heartbreak, seduction, and genuine emotion, and her work is absolutely brilliant. Samantha seems like she’s truly human.

BRIE LARSON, “SHORT TERM 12”: Larson is absolutely magnificent here, delivering a heartfelt performance that helps us sympathize with her in every scene. She perfectly captures the need to maintain a tough exterior while a whirlwind of emotions are bubbling up inside, and Grace’s relationship with Kaitlyn Dever’s Jayden is beautiful.

LUPITA NYONG’O, “12 YEARS A SLAVE”: In a film of truly excellent performances, Nyong’o plays a young slave named Patsey subjected to the beatings and sexual abuse of her master, Epps (played by the fantastic Michael Fassbender). It’s a layered and complex performance that showcases an actress who we’ll hear a lot about over the coming years.

ROBERT REDFORD, “ALL IS LOST”: In a one-man film, Redford is impeccable, delivering a performance almost completely devoid of dialogue; we see his story through his mannerisms and emotions expressed on his face, as well as in his body language.

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