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The Americans “Echo” Review (2×13)

22 May


“It would destroy her.”

“To be like us?”

Henry and Paige exist because of the Soviet Union. Because Philip and Elizabeth were arranged into a relationship, their children are essentially products of the nation, of the ideal, of the “greater good”. However, Henry and Paige are also their parents’ children, and parents want to protect their kids (hopefully!).

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The Americans “Operation Chronicle” Review (2×12)

15 May

The Americans - Episode 2.12 - Operation Chronicle - Promotional Photos (3)

In “Cardinal”, the second episode of the current season, paranoia grasped ahold of Elizabeth Jennings and would not let go. It was at the time immediately following Emmett and Leanne’s murders, when Philip and Elizabeth were given a harsh dose of reality about the dangers that could potentially befall their kids. We’ve come full circle, and as we continue to explore the circumstances surrounding their murders, Elizabeth continues to grow more protective.

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The Americans “Stealth” Review (2×11)

8 May


As we head toward the end of season 2 of The Americans, the dominoes are being set up as everything hangs by a thread, ready to crumble at any second. In “Stealth”, all our characters are feeling trapped in some way, looking to break free from the grip of their current lives. Can they, though?

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The Americans “Yousaf” Review (2×10)

1 May


The Americans - Episode 2.10 - Yousaf - Promotional Photos (5)

Moral ambiguity is a staple of The Americans, a theme that snakes its way through every character interaction and every event. Coming off the heels of a masterpiece such as “Martial Eagle”, the show continues to explore that idea, crafting a fairly compelling episode in “Yousaf” as we head into the season’s endgame.

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The Americans “Martial Eagle” Review (2×09)

24 Apr

The Americans - Episode 2.09 - Martial Eagle - Promotional Photos (2)_FULL

“There is grace and forgiveness for you.”

“Do you believe that?”

“I do.”

Hiding is an essential aspect of being a spy, but sometimes, we can only hide for so long. In “Martial Eagle”, arguably the best episode this series has ever produced, our spies continue to become undone, with Philip Jennings, in particular, affected the most.

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The Americans “New Car” Review (2×08)

17 Apr


“It’s nicer. It’s easier. It’s not better.”

Last season, one of the major character questions was whether Philip Jennings was coming around to the American way of life, seduced by the glamor and the peaceful life and the culture. That question arises again in “New Car”, which is an excellent installment in an increasingly excellent sophomore season.

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The Americans “Arpanet” Review (2×07)

10 Apr


“You are a very good liar, Nina Sergeevna.”

The Cold War resulted from a clash of ideals, but it was also very much a war of technological advancements; that idea is prevalent in “Arpanet”, an intriguing and thrilling episode about the relationships between humans and technology.

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The Americans “Behind the Red Door” Review (2×06)

3 Apr

The Americans - Episode 2.06 - Behind the Red Door - Promotional Photos (9)

Humans feel emotion.

Even the most cold-hearted, calculating, and intelligent spy will feel emotions; it’s all a matter of how much they let those emotions affect their jobs. The better you are at understanding and manipulating them, the better you’ll be at carrying yourself when you’re sent out into the real world. What happens, though, when those emotions take over?

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