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The Americans “Behind the Red Door” Review (2×06)

3 Apr

The Americans - Episode 2.06 - Behind the Red Door - Promotional Photos (9)

Humans feel emotion.

Even the most cold-hearted, calculating, and intelligent spy will feel emotions; it’s all a matter of how much they let those¬†emotions affect their jobs. The better you are at understanding and manipulating them, the better you’ll be at carrying yourself when you’re sent out into the real world. What happens, though, when those emotions take over?

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The Americans “Cardinal” Review (2×02)

5 Mar

CARDINAL2top“We’ll get used to it, like we got used to everything else.”

The Jennings family has been through a lot recently. Last week, Philip and Elizabeth saw the bodies of a murdered family with ties to their own, and that traumatic event has compounded upon their paranoia. There’s an unsettling feeling permeating this second hour, a slower, yet still compelling episode with nice character work.

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