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The Top 15 Television Shows of 2018

7 Jan

15. Who Is America? 

14. Atlanta

13. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

12. Killing Eve

11. Better Call Saul

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The Top Television Performances of 2018

30 Dec

And we’re back for another round of year end lists! To kick it off, we have the top television performances of 2018:

15. Brian Tyree Henry, “Atlanta”

14. Elizabeth Olsen, “Sorry for Your Loss”

13. Bill Hader, “Barry”

12. Elisabeth Moss and Yvonne Strahovski, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

11. Hayley Atwell, “Howards End”

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The Americans “Echo” Review (2×13)

22 May


“It would destroy her.”

“To be like us?”

Henry and Paige exist because of the Soviet Union. Because Philip and Elizabeth were arranged into a relationship, their children are essentially products of the nation, of the ideal, of the “greater good”. However, Henry and Paige are also their parents’ children, and parents want to protect their kids (hopefully!).

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The Americans “Operation Chronicle” Review (2×12)

15 May

The Americans - Episode 2.12 - Operation Chronicle - Promotional Photos (3)

In “Cardinal”, the second episode of the current season, paranoia grasped ahold of Elizabeth Jennings and would not let go. It was at the time immediately following Emmett and Leanne’s murders, when Philip and Elizabeth were given a harsh dose of reality about the dangers that could potentially befall their kids. We’ve come full circle, and as we continue to explore the circumstances surrounding their murders, Elizabeth continues to grow more protective.

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The Americans “Stealth” Review (2×11)

8 May


As we head toward the end of season 2 of The Americans, the dominoes are being set up as everything hangs by a thread, ready to crumble at any second. In “Stealth”, all our characters are feeling trapped in some way, looking to break free from the grip of their current lives. Can they, though?

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The Americans “Yousaf” Review (2×10)

1 May


The Americans - Episode 2.10 - Yousaf - Promotional Photos (5)

Moral ambiguity is a staple of The Americans, a theme that snakes its way through every character interaction and every event. Coming off the heels of a masterpiece such as “Martial Eagle”, the show continues to explore that idea, crafting a fairly compelling episode in “Yousaf” as we head into the season’s endgame.

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The Americans “The Walk In” Review (2×03)

13 Mar

60352824Elizabeth Jennings is such an interesting character.

First off, Keri Russell is brilliant, and second off, there’s a compelling nuance to her character that endears her to me; she’s the crowbar wielding badass at one moment and a protective mother at another, but what happens when her two worlds clash?

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The Americans “Cardinal” Review (2×02)

5 Mar

CARDINAL2top“We’ll get used to it, like we got used to everything else.”

The Jennings family has been through a lot recently. Last week, Philip and Elizabeth saw the bodies of a murdered family with ties to their own, and that traumatic event has compounded upon their paranoia. There’s an unsettling feeling permeating this second hour, a slower, yet still compelling episode with nice character work.

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