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Justified “The Toll” Review (5×11)

25 Mar


“I may not know a lot about a lot of things, but I DO know how to blow shit up.”

Boyd Crowder, with the ultimate evidence that smoking kills. Aside from that moment–which is just plain awesome–this episode is ripe with crackling dialogue, sustained tension, and interesting character development, and it looks as if Justified is really shifting into gear for the season 5 endgame.

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Justified “Wrong Roads” Review (5×09)

12 Mar


Well, Justified is back, ladies and gentlemen.

After a bit of a stumble, we’re back in fine form tonight; this is mostly due to the fact that everyone’s back in Harlan now, allowing for sharper interactions and increased tension. One of the major problems of season 5 so far has been a feeling of detachment, a lack of forward momentum that seems to be hurting the show a bit.

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