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Treme “…To Miss New Orleans” Review (4×05)

29 Dec


If I had to sum up this show in one word, that would be it. Everything about Treme is so rich, complex, and compelling, and it’ll be hard to say goodbye. Still, at least we get a brilliant send-off with “…To Miss New Orleans”.

This episode is all about life, which is pretty much the essence of the show, isn’t it? It’s about evolution, rebirth, and death, but it’s also about capturing a slice of these characters’ lives and letting us participate in it. One of the great things about this show is its ability to balance the bleakness of certain situations with a perpetual sense of hope; even though traditions may never change, the people who come together and participate in them do. When Davis talks about the fact that we can find something very different in a song we’ve heard a million times, it ultimately speaks to every character in this show.

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