New Girl “Keaton” Review (3×06)

23 Oct

627-13Just a few quick bullets…

-This is a fantastic episode, both hilarious and emotionally resonant. It’s primarily a Schmidt-Nick episode, modeling everything else around their relationship. Both Greenfield and Johnson do great work here in both the flashbacks and present day, and the episode culminates in a sweet scene outside between Schmidt and Nick that brings everything to the forefront.

-I also like that Nick’s way in college of dealing with Schmidt’s suspicions was to knock him out. It’s hilarious, but it also gets at an underlying character development; now, Nick’s matured enough so that he can truly face others. Much as Schmidt needed the idea of Keaton, Nick needed to be Keaton; he wanted to be that Batman-type figure, but he couldn’t bring himself out of the shadows.

-The whole Michael Keaton concept could have staled pretty quickly, but the show is able to keep things moving and based upon character foundations, making sure it doesn’t tumble into the wells of cliche.

-It’s a nice, organic way to transition Schmidt out for now and bring in Coach. It’s understandable why he moves out, albeit a bit frustrating, but it’s a well-done storyline. And, he took the jar!

-I’m glad we see some more of Cece this week. She’s a big part of Schmidt’s actions and his thought process, and she’s been missed the last few weeks. Also, it’s nice to see two friends just sitting down and talking about what’s going on, and of course, “Batman-mobile.”

-“I guess I’ll always be the fat boy who eats fat-boy cheese.”

-“It is his entire acting philosophy, which I made up.”

-“What about when we met Michael Keaton at that deli, and he winked at us?” “I… I don’t know. Honestly that was the greatest day of my life.”

-The costumes are fantastic: Public Serpent, Joey Ramona Quimby, David Letterman, and Paper Mountain Trash….it’s just trash from his car.

-Jessica Damn Day. is absolute genius.

-Winston and his thinking he watched The Truman Show is comedy gold.

-“Yes, I stole that from Nelson Mandela. I added the part about the Penguin and the Riddler.”

-“I’m simple, like Hemingway!”

-Michael Keaton helped Schmidt with his public erections.


Credit to FOX and New Girl for all pictures. I own nothing.


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