Saturday Night Live “Kerry Washington/Eminem” Live Blog/Review (39×05)

2 Nov

Saturday Night Live - Season 39

NO BLACK WOMEN IN OUR CAST: I’m not sure what to say about this. It’s hilarious watching SNL acknowledge its lack of black women (although come on, what about the other ethnicities? Get on that, SNL, please), but there isn’t much to the sketch. Still, Washington does great and Al Sharpton’s observation that “We have learned nothing.” is funny. GRADE: B

COLD OPEN: This isn’t all that funny, and Kenan Thompson covered in blood didn’t go to the places it could’ve. Bayer saying “da club” is funny, but there isn’t anything great about the monologue; it’s short, so that’s good. GRADE: C+

CAREER WEEK: This is nothing special, but it’s enjoyable enough; it’s also great to have Pedrad in a more starring role. The sound effects are really, really stupid, and Pedrad isn’t able to make them work; still, Washington is really great. “Respect my ability to assess a bucket!” GRADE: C+

WHAT DOES MY GIRL SAY?: This is absolute perfection. It perfectly details how many relationships go, as well as tells a story in just a few minutes. The song is catchy, Pharoah and Washington are brilliant, and it really goes to show you just how fantastic SNL pre-recorded segments are. GRADE: A

HOW’S HE DOING?: When this sketch started, I was expecting a bunch of black jokes and nothing more; instead, it turned into something so delightfully weird that I loved it at the end. Thompson, Washington, and Pharoah are all great here, and there are some truly hilarious moments. “What I wouldn’t give to get a white person’s mail for a day? Nothing but pre-approved credit cards and a Pottery Barn catalog!” Also, although “The Wire” references are tired, the sketch makes it something new with Thompson’s anger at TV recappers. I guess he’s mad at me. GRADE: A-

MISS UNIVERSE: Okay, so this is offensive, but it’s hilarious. Each woman was hilarious, and the best thing is that each one isn’t overplayed. Each has one fantastic “joke”, and it’s great. Miss Bolivia is fantastic (a good make out is always welcome), and Aidy Bryant knocking someone out is a fantastic sight gag. GRADE: B+

WEEKEND UPDATE: (More on Eminem later): Wow, this show is on a groove. Kate McKinnon is always a treat, and she’s perfect as Chancellor Angela Merkel, who’s not just a Chancellor, but a woman looking for anything to seem regular. As for O’Neal and Barkley…oh man, this is great. Pharoah’s (who’s been on fire tonight) eyes are already perfection, and everything that comes out of his mouth is comedy gold. Also, the news jokes are great, and I’m happy Strong got to interact with a guest. GRADE: A-

CARTOON CATCHPHRASE: This sketch got unfunny quick; it was very clear where the sketch was going right off the bat, and by the time we got to the third “Duane”, it was pretty bad. There are some funny moments in there, but overall, it’s a dud after a string of fantastic sketches. GRADE: C

PRINCIPAL FRYE: This sketch should really be retired; it’s good enough for some funny reaction shots, but it’s feeling tired now. Miss Cherry is alright and the gym coach is unfunny, and Pharoah is average here. I did like “The shark is crossing things off his to-do list.” GRADE: C+

EMINEM: I’ve listened to MMLP2, and there are some fantastic songs on there intermingled with some average ones. However, he sadly isn’t the best here; songs like “Rap God” and “Bad Guy” show off more of his range, but it’s unsurprising that he’d go with the more radio-friendly songs. I like Eminem, but the music drowns him out here and his flow isn’t up to his usual standards. GRADE: B-

DATE OR DISS: Okay, so there are some good MTV digs here, but all this amounts to is a bunch of sexual innuendo that isn’t all that funny. It’s pretty choppy and awkward, and hopefully we end the night better. GRADE: C

ICE CREAM: It’s not perfect, but it’s a good enough finisher. It’s an interesting premise, and while it isn’t uproariously funny, its dreamlike qualities are intriguing enough that I liked it. Not the best pre-recorded sketch, but still good. GRADE: B+


BEST SKETCH: What Does My Girl Say?


FINAL THOUGHTS: Kerry Washington bursts onto the SNL scene here with a couple fantastic performances right off the bat; she recedes a bit as the episode progresses, but she’s still great. Although I think the show relies too much on the racial humor here, it’s still prime for some hilarious sketches; Jay Pharoah is the MVP here.

Credit to NBC and Saturday Night Live for all pictures. I own nothing.

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