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Justified “Shot All To Hell” Review (5×05)

5 Feb

4dfd5eeb742f4cdbcc876dc76a8b92f5Damn, what an episode.

“Shot All to Hell” is this show firing on all cylinders: hilarious, intense, and downright entertaining. The body count is as high as its ever been, and I have to say, this is easily in the top 5 of my favorite episodes of Justified.

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Justified “Over the Mountain” Review (5×04)

28 Jan

d35ffee336c74510c53e18811ceb9198“I was thinking…aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

Although this episode seems to be a placeholder of sorts, it’s crackling with energy, humor, and tension; it may just be the best episode of the season thus far. It’s certainly the most entertaining. I mean, when you have Tim Gutterson in your episode, that’s an automatic A-.

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