Saturday Night Live “Seth Rogen/Ed Sheeran” Live Blog/Review (39×18)

12 Apr


COACHELLA: Well, at least Nasim Pedrad’s doing something! The sketch seems like a half-developed idea that goes absolutely nowhere, and while the actors do their best to make a mediocre script entertaining, the jokes don’t land. GRADE: C

MONOLOGUE: The monologue isn’t particularly funny, but hey, there are a bunch of guests: James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Taylor Swift (who shows up whenever a man shows emotion). Rogen himself has this general likability around him, and the entire sequence is fun to watch unfold. GRADE: B-

SHALLON: Hey, Pedrad again! This sketch hasn’t gotten old yet, and this particular one makes for some nice laughs, whether it be Moynihan’s “PUT A RING ON IT!” or Pedrad’s general energy. Rogen fits in nicely, as well. GRADE: B

CNN TAKE HOME PREGNANCY TEST: This has a nice enough premise, and thankfully, it has a short enough run time not to wear out its welcome. It’s a simple joke that doesn’t always land, but it does what it sets out to do. GRADE: B-

HELEN: Aidy Bryant and Seth Rogen have some excellent chemistry here, and this is one of those sketches that’s still able to ride a wave of immaturity to laughs. It’s really enjoyable watching them try not to break during the sequence. GRADE: B-

MONSTER PALS: The first thing I thought about when the short started was “Sad Mouse”, which was an absolutely brilliant short during Bruno Mars’s episode. “Monster Pals” is just as brilliant, with excellent production, a surprisingly moving story, and a great idea. GRADE: A

BLUE RIVER DOG FOOD: Cecily Strong is so good here, and the sketch takes a simple concept and elevates it as it moves along. She and Rogen have better chemistry than Bryant and Rogen do, and they make this sketch something special. Also, cute dog. GRADE: A- (A for the dog)

WEEKEND UPDATE: First of all, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy’s reaction to Strong’s question about Jeter is priceless, and the rest of her segment is entertaining, as always; in particular, I like the interactions with Strong. Kenan Thompson’s David Ortiz is good, too (“Do you suffer from depression? DON’T!”). GRADE: B

WEDDING REHEARSAL DINNER: The entire sketch hinges on one joke, and that joke isn’t very funny. I’m happy to see more Pedrad and Strong, but there isn’t anything redeeming about the sketch. GRADE: C

UNDERCOVER SHARPTON: This doesn’t go over particularly well with the audience; that much is for sure. I did laugh a few times, but overall, there isn’t much to the sequence. It has quite a bit of potential, but it’s squandered very early on. GRADE: C+

ED SHEERAN: Sheeran sings “Sing” and “Don’t”, both of which are perfectly pleasant songs to listen to. I prefer the second one, which is much more catchy and makes better use of his vocals. GRADE: B

A VERY SMOKY 420: I don’t think this is anywhere near the level of last week’s Mooney sketch, and frankly, it’s a mediocre attempt to match up to that. It’s fairly amusing at times, but that’s about it. GRADE: C-

HERMAN & SONS: “Minimal sperm-to-yogurt crossover” is such a great line. I like the premise, and although the execution is shaky, it’s a solid episode ender. GRADE: B


NEXT UP: Andrew Garfield and Coldplay. See you in a few weeks.

Photo credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live

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