Saturday Night Live “Louis CK/Rihanna” Live Blog and Review (40×21)

16 May


HILLARY CLINTON SUMMER COLD OPEN: This is a pretty entertaining song to kick off the finale, and once again, it’s fun to see Kate McKinnon and Darrell Hammond as Hillary and Bill, respectively. My favorite part? Hillary attempting to lean against the surfboard in a “cool” manner. Also really like the sung “Live from New York!” GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: The SNL Facebook feed is hilarious to read right now. This monologue is going to cause many people–including Lorne–to lose their minds, but as is the case with anything Louis CK does, I find it absolutely biting and brilliant (understandable if you don’t, though). The “mild racism” is fairly, well, mild compared to his child molesting bit, and I can’t believe he got away with it. Happy he did it, though. GRADE: A

ELVES: I hope we actually see the results later on in the show. Anyway, it looks like this is just keeping in line with the “pushing the limits” theme of the finale. It’s an uncomfortable sketch to watch, but I have to admit that the inclusion of the texting numbers is pretty funny. Broad humor, but mildly entertaining. GRADE: B

SPRINT: This sketch is already great just on the basis of CK’s voice, but it ends with a great moment between him and Jones in which they finally reveal their real voices. Not a perfect sketch, but still fun to watch. GRADE: B+

LUMBERJACK COMMERCIAL: Every time I hear “lumberjack” now, I think of Dexter. This is much better than that finale, though. GRADE: A-

WEEKEND UPDATE: “But my daughter made it for me!”, ISIS credits, sexually dominating elves…might as well have just gone ahead with that Malaysia Airlines joke, SNL. Anyway, Taran Killam shows up as Tom Brady, and it’s a hilarious bit; Pete Davidson is fun as well, and although Riblet hasn’t endeared to me in any of his appearances, it’s still a fine way to end the Weekend Update segment. Also, who doesn’t love puns? GRADE: B+

HIP VACATION RESORT: Cecily Strong’s definitely the all-star of this sketch, and the big bucket of shrimp being pushed over to Bayer’s character is pretty funny to watch. It doesn’t really end up building to much, but as I said, Strong makes it worth watching. GRADE: B-


POLICE LINEUP: There’s lots of energy in this sketch, and I’m happy to see it. All the actors involved do a great job of ramping up the ridiculousness of their line readings, and I love them celebrating at the end. GRADE: B+

RIHANNA: Well, certainly very interesting visually, which I always appreciate from musical guests. Didn’t need to lip synch that first song.

WHOOPS! I MARRIED A LESBIAN: There’s quite a bit of physical comedy in this one, and Thompson’s inter-scene reactions help move it right along. An average ending to a good episode, but one that didn’t really feel like a season finale. GRADE: B-

Thanks for a great season, guys. I don’t know if I’ll continue live blogs next year, as I’ll be on the west coast for the most part (and that’s 3 hours later, which means it’s not live). I really enjoyed this, though!

Cool Letterman shout-out by CK (if you haven’t seen Norm MacDonald’s Letterman tribute, watch it now). Also, HANNIBAL PROMO! I’M EXCITED, EVERYONE.

BEST EPISODES OF THE SEASON: Two punch combo of The Rock and Michael Keaton 

Photo credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live


2 Responses to “Saturday Night Live “Louis CK/Rihanna” Live Blog and Review (40×21)”

  1. #peggyatthemovies May 17, 2015 at 5:34 pm #

    I saw Chris Rock once do a sketch on date rate no really means yes.. and how much they had to apologize for him the next night..two things I don’t find funny.. rape subjects or paedo subjects. just not something to make humour out of for me. probably why I’m not endeared to either comedian tho. Weekend update was the best by far.. loved it. and really.. you can’t blog from West Coast.. hon.. you will be on the BEST coast.. get over it!! hahahahahahha

  2. Hepburn3 May 18, 2015 at 9:50 am #

    I was rather let down by this last show of the season as I had high hopes because Louis CK is usually spot on wickedly funny.
    Tonight he was just ok.
    Rhianna was also a bit lackluster as she has been so funny when she did “Shy Ronnie” with Andy S and her singing performances had a lot more spark/
    What I did love was the Hilary Clinton summer song and I love Kate and Daryl as Hil and Bill! This just bodes well for the future!
    Weekend Update was and is getting better with as the co anchors are jelling.
    I still loath Pete Davidson as I do not find him funny at all or ever.
    The Tom Brady thing bore me as I really hate American football and this letting out of air in the game balls just added more reason for me to despise the game.
    So you are moving to the west coast? C’est damage. Stay safe out there and do not get sucked into the vapidity of the place, and bring your own water. 😉
    In closing Go Hawks! I hope that they slam the Ducks! I am hoping for a Rangers/Hawks final for that would be nifty, an Original Six Stanley Cup!

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