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Saturday Night Live “Louis CK/Rihanna” Live Blog and Review (40×21)

16 May


HILLARY CLINTON SUMMER COLD OPEN: This is a pretty entertaining song to kick off the finale, and once again, it’s fun to see Kate McKinnon and Darrell Hammond as Hillary and Bill, respectively. My favorite part? Hillary attempting to lean against the surfboard in a “cool” manner. Also really like the sung “Live from New York!” GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: The SNL Facebook feed is hilarious to read right now. This monologue is going to cause many people–including Lorne–to lose their minds, but as is the case with anything Louis CK does, I find it absolutely biting and brilliant (understandable if you don’t, though). The “mild racism” is fairly, well, mild compared to his child molesting bit, and I can’t believe he got away with it. Happy he did it, though. GRADE: A

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