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Banshee “Little Fish” Review (2×01)

11 Jan

banshee-s2-e1-tThe first season of Banshee stumbled right out of the gate, but it slowly grew into one of the most entertaining shows on television; the plot was absolutely ludicrous, but there was a manic energy that injected life into the proceedings, whether it be the brutal violence or the steamy sex scenes. Surprisingly, the show tones it down for the season 2 premiere, and it still delivers a great, more contemplative start to the season.

The big change in season 2 is the introduction of the fantastic Zeljko Ivanek’s Agent Racine, a chain-smoking, cancer-ridden, no nonsense guy whose main purpose is to find Rabbit; to do this, he’s willing to use the people of Banshee as bait. Right off the bat, his character is an intriguing antagonist, a guy hellbent on revenge who’s still a bit bound by the constraints of the law. Yet, there’s something simmering there, and Ivanek brilliantly portrays a man just about ready to crack. In fact, he also succeeds in sticking his nose into the Banshee police department, raising questions about what exactly they’re doing; why are they following the will of a few people? Why hasn’t everything tumbled down yet? Those look to be intriguing questions heading into the rest of the season.

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