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Banshee “Bullets and Tears” Review (2×10)

14 Mar

1f069f3ecac745dac5905909ebe5f438“How many lives have you lived?”        “None, really.”

We’re at the end of season 2 of Banshee, and what a ride it has been. After a few slower-moving episodes to open the season, “The Truth About Unicorns” marked an essential turning point in the story, one which led to some of the most thrilling television I’ve seen; I’m bummed that we won’t get anymore episodes until next year.

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Banshee “Homecoming” Review (2×09)

8 Mar

122f909e42344483c4917dc4947cab10“Real justice is personal. Sometimes the only way to get it is with your own two hands.”

For an episode that’s supposed to be a set-up for the finale, it still feels like a whole bunch of stuff goes down. That’s Banshee for you, constantly bringing the action and, more recently, the fantastic character work.

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Banshee “Evil for Evil” Review (2×08)

1 Mar

3ee3cdd67d5c4a35cad3608f75f7e90cAt what cost?

That’s the question that’s constantly asked in “Evil for Evil”, quite possibly the best episode of Banshee this season. It’s an hour of genuinely hard-hitting emotion that’s simultaneously thrilling and heartbreaking.

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Banshee “Ways to Bury a Man” Review (2×07)

22 Feb

0ff00a6cfc264001c0da8150711427c3Lucas Hood and Kai Proctor have been on a collision course all season, and tonight’s episode of Banshee sets up an impending showdown in the final three episodes of season 2.

It’s nice to see the show returning to its roots, and the key thing to recognize is that it’s only doing so after shaking up the formula a bit. The first half of the current season still delivered the violence and the sex, but everything seemed to be rooted in character, more contemplative and melancholy.

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Banshee “Armies of One” Review (2×06)

15 Feb

BAN_206_GS_06_27_13_0302_FULLWhy is Lucas Hood in Banshee?

That’s the question that gets asked repeatedly in tonight’s episode, one filled to the brim with nice action, character moments, and pure entertainment. It’s a basic Banshee episode–pitting Hood against a foe–but it doesn’t lose the character work done in last week’s “The Truth About Unicorns”.

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Banshee “The Truth About Unicorns” Review (2×05)

8 Feb

56c42f8361bd4ca9cc4832b20ae7f552Well, that was different.

Season 2 of Banshee seems to be intent on toning things down a bit, and “The Truth About Unicorns” is an intriguing, ambitious hour of television that serves as the “calm before the storm”. Not everything here works, and while it’ll most likely go down as the most divisive episode of the series thus far, I have to say that I very much enjoyed it.

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Banshee “Little Fish” Review (2×01)

11 Jan

banshee-s2-e1-tThe first season of Banshee stumbled right out of the gate, but it slowly grew into one of the most entertaining shows on television; the plot was absolutely ludicrous, but there was a manic energy that injected life into the proceedings, whether it be the brutal violence or the steamy sex scenes. Surprisingly, the show tones it down for the season 2 premiere, and it still delivers a great, more contemplative start to the season.

The big change in season 2 is the introduction of the fantastic Zeljko Ivanek’s Agent Racine, a chain-smoking, cancer-ridden, no nonsense guy whose main purpose is to find Rabbit; to do this, he’s willing to use the people of Banshee as bait. Right off the bat, his character is an intriguing antagonist, a guy hellbent on revenge who’s still a bit bound by the constraints of the law. Yet, there’s something simmering there, and Ivanek brilliantly portrays a man just about ready to crack. In fact, he also succeeds in sticking his nose into the Banshee police department, raising questions about what exactly they’re doing; why are they following the will of a few people? Why hasn’t everything tumbled down yet? Those look to be intriguing questions heading into the rest of the season.

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