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Community “Cooperative Polygraphy” Review (5×04)

16 Jan

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????One of the greatest Community episodes ever created was “Cooperative Calligraphy”, a season 2 bottle episode that highlighted the show at its very best; it delivered the laughs and the brilliant character interactions we’d grown to love, and it was an absolute masterpiece.

“Cooperative Polygraphy” is no different. This is one of those episodes that highlights exactly how well the writers and the actors understand their characters and just how well crafted they are, and it still delivers a hilarious half hour of television. It’s a simple premise, but sometimes simple premises are the best outlets for genuine emotion, for brilliant character interactions and callbacks and a group of people sitting around a study room table. The characters dictate the direction of this episode, not the plot.

Considering the way Pierce’s character was handled at certain times while he was alive, the show could’ve easily done the same with his goodbye. However, this episode is a hell of a send-off, both for him and for Troy, and I love how each gift stays true to Pierce’s relationship with each character. It isn’t overly sappy; it’s raw emotion, and that’s what makes this episode so brilliant.

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