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Hannibal “Kō No Mono” Review (2×11)

10 May


The opening moments of “Ko No Mono” convey an image of Will being reborn from the stag, emerging under the guidance of Hannibal Lecter and transforming into the very thing the doctor’s always wanted him to be. This rebirth, however, is through Hannibal’s eyes, as he believes he’s acting as father, as friend, as mentor.

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Hannibal “Yakimono” Review (2×07)

12 Apr

Hannibal - Episode 2.07 - Yakimono - Promotional Photos (2)

“Neither of us is free. He’s not done.”

Hannibal seems to create a perpetual sense of claustrophobia, engulfing the audience in its characters and their mind games. Everyone in the show is trapped in some way, whether it be through emotional connection or steadfast loyalty or fascination or mere expedience; the walls are closing in as the Earth spins on its axis.

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