Hannibal “Kō No Mono” Review (2×11)

10 May


The opening moments of “Ko No Mono” convey an image of Will being reborn from the stag, emerging under the guidance of Hannibal Lecter and transforming into the very thing the doctor’s always wanted him to be. This rebirth, however, is through Hannibal’s eyes, as he believes he’s acting as father, as friend, as mentor.

The theme of fatherhood is prevalent in this episode, whether we’re talking about Will/Hannibal or Mason/Margot. For the former, we get a wonderful scene in which they talk about Abigail Hobbs, with Hannibal revealing that he killed her and that he regrets the decision. He sometimes shatters a teacup on the floor, hoping it comes together again. Dancy and Mikkelsen are at their best in this scene, and we can see the pain in both of their eyes, the paternal instinct Will felt in regards to Abigail and the way her death is similar to that of Mischa’s. Mischa’s death led, essentially, to Hannibal’s rebirth, while Hannibal points out that Abigail had to die in order for Will to become an actual father.

Yet, what’s happening with the Vergers is an entirely different animal. I understand the criticisms of Mason being over the top, but I feel that’s the point; there’s no one else like him on the show. He’s a deliberate contrast to the meticulous Hannibal, and during their sessions together, we can see the barely disguised disdain the doctor has for Verger. Hannibal’s always seen beauty in death, but to be “reborn”, he has to be able to mold and develop you, to play God; in his mind, Mason’s worship of his father is merely an illusion.

If there’s any other evidence of Mason’s true nature, it’s the very disturbing scene in which he sterilizes Margot. Here, he’s preventing literal birth, doing this to a woman whose view on fatherhood has been stripped down to its most basic definition after a lifetime of inflicted pain. Will then confronts Mason, putting a gun to his head and telling him that Hannibal’s the one he should be feeding to his pigs.

It’s time to eat.



Alana’s back! It’s really nice to see her finally not only piece together what’s happening involving those two crazy kids and their twisted mind games, but also to act on it and confront Jack at the end of the episode. She’s playing profiler, is really questioning Hannibal, and is showing that Alana spirit again. Caroline Dhavernas is, as always, great, and I’m looking forward to her and Jack’s arcs from here on out (please do not end in anything bad).

-So, Jack, did you ever think about the fact that you have Freddie Lounds pretty much in plain sight in a building that Hannibal frequents?

-I disapprove of the Ortolan Bunting that Will and Hannibal are eating, as those birds are essentially tortured to death.

 “Your prayer did not go entirely unanswered. You saw part of her.” Good to hear, Hannibal.

-So, NBC, you cancel Community, and then you mess up the spelling of “dessert” in your Hannibal promo. Edit: You did not misspell, but you didn’t make use of a pun opportunity, so fuck you, NBC.

-Two episodes left, and then season 3!

Photo credit: NBC, Hannibal

2 Responses to “Hannibal “Kō No Mono” Review (2×11)”

  1. louisoc May 10, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

    Interestingly enough (and I don’t want to come across as a pedantic cock), ‘just deserts’ is the correct phrase, ‘just desserts’ is a common misconception. But they should have gone with ‘desserts’ because of its potential as a pun.

    • polarbears16 May 10, 2014 at 5:18 pm #

      Ah, right. Thank you for that; I edited it in the review. Don’t worry, you’re not coming across as a pedantic cock; it was worse for me, considering I had it wrong this whole time!

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