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Hannibal “Tome-Wan” Review (2×12)

17 May

Hannibal - Season 2

“I am enchanted…and terrified.”

No other sentence sums up how I feel about this show as much as this one does. In quite possibly the most disturbing, graphic–even with the well-placed shadows–and darkly hilarious episode of the season, Hannibal takes us on a ride as it sets up what should be an explosive season finale.

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Hannibal “Kō No Mono” Review (2×11)

10 May


The opening moments of “Ko No Mono” convey an image of Will being reborn from the stag, emerging under the guidance of Hannibal Lecter and transforming into the very thing the doctor’s always wanted him to be. This rebirth, however, is through Hannibal’s eyes, as he believes he’s acting as father, as friend, as mentor.

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Hannibal “Naka-choko” Review (2×10)

2 May

Hannibal - Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko - Promotional Photos (2) Will Graham seems like he’ll do whatever it takes to take down Hannibal Lecter, but does that mean he’s willing to become the very man Hannibal wants him to become, to have that inner beast coaxed out of him? Or, is he only willing to put up a front? Continue reading

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