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Saturday Night Live “Louis CK/Sam Smith” Live Blog/Review (39×16)

29 Mar

louis-ck-explains-his-initials-in-saturday-night-live-promos.jpg HEALTHCARE.GOV: Sigh. This topic is past the point of being funny, but the show’s able to milk some entertainment from it, most notably from Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber. However, the sketch never truly gels, instead coming off as shaky and unfinished. I wonder how a “Between Two Ferns” parody would’ve turned out. Can you even parody that? GRADE: C+

MONOLOGUE: I love Louis CK, and I’m so happy that we get a stand-up routine from his monologue. There’s excellent stuff in here about God/religion and gender issues, and this just proves what a great talent he is. Man, I am so excited for Louie this May. GRADE: A Continue reading

Saturday Night Live “Drake” Live Blog/Review (39×11)

18 Jan

140115-drake-saturday-night-live-620x340Here we go. Check back in every 10-15 minutes for updates.

PIERS MORGAN LIVE: Well, we’re back! This sketch gets off to a fairly regular start–with Bobby Moynihan as Chris Christie–but it quickly escalates into something a lot funnier. Drake is Alex Rodriguez, and he’s suing everyone, Jackie Robinson and his iPhone included. Kate McKinnon is Justin Bieber, and her Bieber-esque actions are absolutely hilarious. Solid cold open. GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: Drake certainly succeeds at bringing the energy, and while his actual monologue is a bit shaky, the flashback to the bar mitzvah is funny, introducing a slew of black/Jewish rhymes by the rapper. I wasn’t completely sold on the sketch, but I do appreciate the way Zamata was introduced (they didn’t make a show of it, unlike the way they did it for the last few months…). GRADE: B

HIP HOP CLASSICS: BEFORE THEY WERE STARS: I definitely like the sketches that just allow the cast members to trot out a bunch of impressions, and I’ll give a shout-out to both Beck Bennett’s Mr. Wizard and Drake’s Lil’ Wayne. I also absolutely love the idea of Rick Ross as the red Teletubby. GRADE: B+

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