Saturday Night Live “Drake” Live Blog/Review (39×11)

18 Jan

140115-drake-saturday-night-live-620x340Here we go. Check back in every 10-15 minutes for updates.

PIERS MORGAN LIVE: Well, we’re back! This sketch gets off to a fairly regular start–with Bobby Moynihan as Chris Christie–but it quickly escalates into something a lot funnier. Drake is Alex Rodriguez, and he’s suing everyone, Jackie Robinson and his iPhone included. Kate McKinnon is Justin Bieber, and her Bieber-esque actions are absolutely hilarious. Solid cold open. GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: Drake certainly succeeds at bringing the energy, and while his actual monologue is a bit shaky, the flashback to the bar mitzvah is funny, introducing a slew of black/Jewish rhymes by the rapper. I wasn’t completely sold on the sketch, but I do appreciate the way Zamata was introduced (they didn’t make a show of it, unlike the way they did it for the last few months…). GRADE: B

HIP HOP CLASSICS: BEFORE THEY WERE STARS: I definitely like the sketches that just allow the cast members to trot out a bunch of impressions, and I’ll give a shout-out to both Beck Bennett’s Mr. Wizard and Drake’s Lil’ Wayne. I also absolutely love the idea of Rick Ross as the red Teletubby. GRADE: B+

NANCY GRACE LIVE: Well, we have the first dud of the night. Kate McKinnon’s bakery owner doesn’t make much of an impression, and Drake’s Katt Williams doesn’t really work for me. GRADE: C-

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: I love this. It’s not a particularly creative idea, but it’s executed perfectly; the uncomfortably long Drake-blow up doll shot is amazing, and the Cosplay scene is hilarious. GRADE: A-

SLEEPOVER: This is such an awkward, uncomfortable sketch, and Drake and Aidy Bryant are very good in it. I’m not sure it’s hilarious, but it’s weird in a good way; Drake is doing a fantastic job. GRADE: B

WEEKEND UPDATE: Oh, Seth’s still in this? It looks like he’ll be staying for a bit longer. Anyway, as for the actual segment itself, it’s nothing special. The Jacqueline Bisset stuff is only mildly amusing, and Pedrad’s Huffington makes for some good lines. GRADE: C+

INDIANA JONES EPIC STUNT SPECTACULAR: Drake was really trying hard to keep this sketch afloat, and once again, there’s something about his energy that’s infectious and endearing. This sketch in particular, though, obviously suffered from a serious lack of ideas and substance; I was mildly entertained, I have to admit. GRADE: B-

DETENTION: Miss Meadows makes a return as a poetry teacher reading detention students’ poems, and as expected, they’re ridiculous. The punchline is very one-note, and while it’s funny here and there, the sketch never gels as a whole; Bayer’s entertaining, though. GRADE: C+

DRAKE: I’ve always liked Drake as an R&B artist rather than a rap artist, and that explains why I liked the second performance better. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is a great song to begin with, anyway. In addition, I really like what he’s done with the stage, the lighting, etc. The overall feel of the performances are fantastic. GRADE: B+

MORNIN’ MIAMI: I loved this the first time around, and it’s still great. Obviously, topping the original is really hard to do, but they still capture the hilariousness of the sketch: the depressing interludes followed by the increasingly absurd news stories. I absolutely loved McKinnon breaking out into song during one of the interludes. GRADE: B+

I KNOW: Hmm, this is interesting. I normally like how the new guys are taking the shorts in new directions, but this feels really off. They seem to be trying to say something that never really gets said, and the sketch doesn’t exactly go anywhere; it’s not funny at all, either. GRADE: C


Drake surprised me. He was easily the star of the show tonight, and his energy and comedic chops outshined the rest of the cast. On to Jonah Hill.

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2 Responses to “Saturday Night Live “Drake” Live Blog/Review (39×11)”

  1. ironhawk22 January 19, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

    Are you going to review “The Following”?

    • polarbears16 January 19, 2014 at 11:02 pm #

      Yeah, I’ll get that up after the “True Detective” review.

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