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The Americans “The Deal” Review (2×05)

27 Mar


I don’t remember much of my past, but what I do remember is wrapped up in nice, neat memories, little packages of bliss or pain that serve as a reminder of where I came from. It’s the same with Philip Jennings, who spends this fantastic hour of television struggling with himself, wanting to grasp onto a past he feels like he’s lost.

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The Americans “A Little Night Music” Review (2×04)

19 Mar


When you play a part, it’s only natural that you relate to it and get caught up in the words and the actions and the beliefs, perhaps actually taking on some of those traits you’ve been asked to act out. Oftentimes, the person you play is merely an extension of yourself, the other side to a curtain you attempt to open and shut.

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The Americans “The Walk In” Review (2×03)

13 Mar

60352824Elizabeth Jennings is such an interesting character.

First off, Keri Russell is brilliant, and second off, there’s a compelling nuance to her character that endears her to me; she’s the crowbar wielding badass at one moment and a protective mother at another, but what happens when her two worlds clash?

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The Americans “Cardinal” Review (2×02)

5 Mar

CARDINAL2top“We’ll get used to it, like we got used to everything else.”

The Jennings family has been through a lot recently. Last week, Philip and Elizabeth saw the bodies of a murdered family with ties to their own, and that traumatic event has compounded upon their paranoia. There’s an unsettling feeling permeating this second hour, a slower, yet still compelling episode with nice character work.

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The Americans “Comrades” Review (2×01)

26 Feb

TA_201-2_108The wigs are back!

In all seriousness, though…the wigs are back. In fact, Fields and Weisberg kick season 2 off with a sequence in which Philip kills a few people–innocent bystander included–gets his wig ripped off, and seems shaken as he drives away. This is the mark of a man who’s become increasingly hardened by the job, and the rest of the episode deals with who exactly our characters are.

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Emmys Dream Ballot+Predictions-Outstanding Drama Series

22 Sep

Welcome to my coverage of the 2013 Primetime Emmys. As it’s less than a day away, I’ve decided to start a series in which I offer up my dream ballot for each major category. Then, I’ll look at the actual Emmy ballot and offer a “Who should win?” and a “Who Will Win?” for each. I hope you enjoy! Today, we’ll be looking at….


Breaking-Bad-Logo-2  “BREAKING BAD”

I thought the first half of Season 5 was a step down from seasons 3 and 4, but it was still some brilliant television. Walt’s rise was expertly portrayed, and there were some devastating episodes in there. The acting, writing, and directing continued to be among the best on TV.

hannibal-logo-jpg  “HANNIBAL”

It’s a shame this wasn’t on cable, because it would have a better chance of getting recognized there. I wasn’t keen to the concept of another serial killer drama, but this show evolved into something much more. The character work was brilliant, the cinematography was gorgeous, and the show was violent and intense.

game-of-thrones-free-burning-logo  “GAME OF THRONES”

Season 3 took the show to new highs, showcasing different characters like Jaime Lannister and Catelyn Stark. It’s always impressive how many storylines the show can juggle at once, and season 3 delivered a slow buildup that culminated in one of the best TV spectacles of all time: “The Rains of Castamere”.

Rectify_series_logo  “RECTIFY”

One of the surprises of the TV season, “Rectify” quickly took hold and defied the natural inclinations of other shows. It moved slowly, favoring character focus and examination of everyday life over quick moving storylines, violence, and sex. The acting was as good as you’ll ever see on TV.

The_Americans_logo  “THE AMERICANS

The spy drama set in the Cold-War era quickly burst onto the scene, delivering one of the best first seasons of any show in recent memory. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell anchored a wonderful cast, and each episode brought the intrigue, character development, and action that any spy drama requires.

mm_end_frame-0-1280-0-1024  “MAD MEN”

One of the staples of the current television era, “Mad Men” was as good as ever in season 6. It brilliantly portrayed two agencies clashing over business, then combined them and grew into an examination of characters like Don and Peggy. New characters like Bob Benson were the subject of speculation on the Internet. Betty was integrated well. The season finale was a masterpiece. All in all, another great season.

Which should win?

I hate not picking Breaking Bad, but honestly, Hannibal and Rectify might get my pick over it. Mad Men was just as deserving as well.

Others considered: Scandal, Spartacus, Treme, Justified, Homeland, House of Cards, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Parenthood, Southland, Bates Motel, Fringe, Orphan Black

On to the real nominations…

Breaking Bad

Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones


House of Cards

Mad Men

Which should win?

Breaking Bad

Which will win?

House of Cards

Analysis: This is a strange choice, but I’m going all in on it. I expect House of Cards to be the Homeland of this year, as it has big buzz around it in the form of Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and the Netflix model. However, it won’t sweep the top awards, as Danes is unstoppable. I don’t think it deserves to win, but I’m predicting it will. As for Breaking Bad, that would be my second choice, especially considering the final season is airing opposite the Emmys this year (if Breaking Bad doesn’t sweep all the awards next year, I’ll be angry. This final half-season is the best it has ever been). Homeland could win, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, but I feel like the voters recognized the drop in quality this year.

Credit to AMC, NBC, HBO, Sundance, FX, The Americans, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Rectify, Game of Thrones, and Hannibal for all pictures. I own nothing.



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