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Saturday Night Live “Lena Dunham/The National” Live Blog/Review (39×15)

8 Mar

140304_2754027_SNL_Promo__Lena_DunhamA MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA: The premise behind this sketch is fairly average, but when you bring out Liam Neeson and have him repeat his “Taken” monologue, the entertainment level will still be ratcheted up a bit. The macho-man Obama stuff falls a bit flat, but overall, this is better than your normal political cold open. GRADE: B

MONOLOGUE: I could do without addressing the nudity onĀ GirlsĀ again, as I’m past tired of that discussion (also, uh oh, does that mean more Internet trolling tomorrow?). However, I’m a sucker for double entendres, and Kate McKinnon in particular is great as Dunham’s grandmother. GRADE: B-

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