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R.I.P., Robin Williams.

11 Aug


Robin Williams died today at 63 years old. He was a comedic force, a charismatic individual who brought a smile to your face every time he appeared on screen. His career wasn’t perfect, but the one constant was his love and appreciation for the world of comedy, for the joy he could bring to people even as he was struggling. He had an infectious energy he brought to every comedic role, and his dramatic abilities shone through when needed. Whether you remember him for his Oscar-winning role in Good Will Hunting or for his role as a genie in Aladdin or for his underrated performance in The Fisher King or for his classic John Keating in Dead Poets Society or for the character of Mrs. Doubtfire or for his recent turn on Louie–an episode even more devastating in hindsight–there is no doubt that with the passing of Robin Williams, a light has flickered out forever. He seemed like he’d be around for another 100 years.

He will undoubtedly live on in our memories, though, and in countless films that many have yet to enjoy. Please enjoy them, and please talk to someone if you’re battling depression like he was.

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys, and make your lives extraordinary.

Photo credit: mirror.co.uk

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