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Saturday Night Live “Dakota Johnson/Alabama Shakes” Live Blog and Review (40×14)

28 Feb


REAL STORY WITH GRETCHEN CARLSON/GIULIANI: I feel like I’ve seen this same parody at least fifty times now. It’s definitely entertaining–especially Killam as Keaton and Bennett as Birdman–but at the same time, it’s still light on laughs; it’s definitely a better use of the political angle than we’ve been seeing recently, though. Anyway, does the audience even know what this is parodying? GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: Nice to see them let Dakota Johnson host in order to promote Ben and Kate! Oh wait…she’s here to talk about Fifty Shades of Grey, and this is a completely forgettable monologue. Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith show up, but they don’t really add anything to the bit. GRADE: C

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Saturday Night Live “J.K. Simmons/D’Angelo” Live Blog and Review (40×13)

31 Jan


Public Service Announcement: Whiplash was the best movie of the year, and J.K. Simmons gave the best performance of the year. Go watch it if you haven’t already.

SUPER BOWL SHUT DOWN: First of all, I urge you to read Marshawn Lynch’s reason behind not talking to the media; it’s excellent, and I respect him for it. As for this opening sketch itself, it’s not very surprising that we’d get a Super Bowl segment to begin the episode, and it’s definitely not a bad one. Pharaoh and Thompson are both very entertaining throughout, and they help move this sketch along quite well. I still prefer Key and Peele doing this, though. GRADE: B

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Saturday Night Live “Blake Shelton” Live Blog and Review (40×12)

24 Jan


INSIDE THE NFL: As expected, the show tackles the Patriots’ deflated footballs controversy right off the bat, and it’s a solid opening to the show. Bennett and Killam both do fine work as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, respectively, but the real laughs are found in Bobby Moynihan’s Dougie Spoons; he goes on about Brady being the father of his child, he references A Few Good Men, and he’s the necessary energy in a pretty meh sketch otherwise. GRADE: B

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Saturday Night Live “Cameron Diaz/Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars” Live Blog and Review (40×07)

22 Nov


SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK: SNL seems to have a trend going of not really tackling the issue its political cold opens are really about, and that’s the case here with the subject matter of Obama’s immigration executive order. However, the cold open finds laughs with the physical comedy of Thompson and Moynihan, and the idea of bringing Schoolhouse Rock into things is pretty funny. GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: This is a pretty generic monologue, but I wasn’t expecting anything better, to be honest. The Shrek question is mildly entertaining. GRADE: C

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Saturday Night Live “Woody Harrelson/Kendrick Lamar” Live Blog and Review (40×06)

15 Nov


OBAMA/MCCONNELL DRINK: It’s another political cold open, but there’s a ton of comedy to be mined from Pharoah and Killam getting drunker and drunker. It doesn’t really build to anything, but I like the Hillary Clinton phone call and McConnell’s “You’re black!” GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: Hey, it’s Jennifer Lawrence (and Hutcherson and Hemsworth)! I’m not a huge fan of singing monologues, but this one is just full of charm, especially when Lawrence messes up her line and is her usually adorable self. Unpolished, but fun, monologue. GRADE: B+

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Saturday Night Live “Chris Rock/Prince” Live Blog and Review (40×05)

1 Nov


THE KELLY FILE: This isn’t a bad cold open, but it doesn’t really get going until Kate McKinnon’s Kaci Hickox starts talking about dishing out M&Ms to kids with her bare hands and until Moynihan’s Christie shows up at her house to have a slap fest. GRADE: C+

MONOLOGUE: Oh, how I love when the audience is uncomfortable. The monologue pushes all the buttons Rock intends to push as he goes on about the Boston Marathon, and he is absolutely fearless here; that’s what I like. He’s also very funny as well, and it’s clear that stand up routines make for the best monologues. GRADE: A-

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Saturday Night Live “Jim Carrey/Iggy Azalea” Live Blog and Review” (40×04)

25 Oct


EBOLA CZAR COLD OPEN: The sketch opens pretty weakly, but it gets better as it progresses. Taran Killam’s Ron Klain doesn’t truly bring the laughs until he starts talking about Latinos being immune to ebola and until he begins urging southern voters to stay away from polling booths. Thompson later gets in a good line with “All of New York is contaminated!” GRADE: B

MONOLOGUE: What the hell? (Ha). This is just weird, and not in a funny way. I think everyone was stoned when this was pitched. GRADE: D+

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