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Justified “Restitution” Review (5×13)

9 Apr

Justified - Episode 5.13 - Restitution (2)

“You’ll never leave Harlan alive.”

With that, so ends the penultimate season of Justified. It’s been a shaky one, but at the end of it all, it served its purpose as a set-up to what should be an explosive final season. “Restitution”, like the rest of the current season, is not without its bumps, but it’s a satisfying way to close off various storylines and introduce intriguing new ones.

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Justified “Raw Deal” Review (5×07)

25 Feb

Justified-5x07-8Justified is always going to be an endlessly watchable show, delivering crackling wit, tension, and sharp dialogue throughout each episode. That’s the case this week: although the episode isn’t up to par with the rest of the season, it still contains, simply speaking, pure fun.

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The Top 15 Television Performances of 2013

19 Jan

breaking-bad-series-finaleHere we go with the second installment in my 2013 End of Year series; check out the “Top 20 Film Performances of 2013” here: https://polarbearstv.com/2014/01/17/the-top-20-film-performances-of-2013/

*Note: this list is unranked.

BRYAN CRANSTON, “BREAKING BAD”: Cranston’s final run as Walter White is as perfect as everything that came beforehand. While the first half of season 5 reflected his time on top, the second half showed us someone trying to hold onto a crumbling empire and a crumbling family, and Cranston handles this perfectly.

MICHAEL CUDLITZ, “SOUTHLAND”: In the criminally underrated TNT drama, Michael Cudlitz gives a virtuoso performance as cop John Cooper; the cast is strong, but Cudlitz is the anchor. His performance is absolutely heartbreaking, and it’s a shame we can’t see more.

HUGH DANCY, “HANNIBAL”: Dancy plays Will Graham, a gifted criminal profiler who comes across a cannibalistic psychologist in Hannibal Lecter. The relationship is a marvel to watch, and Dancy gets increasingly better as Graham’s psyche starts to shatter.

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Justified “The Kids Aren’t Alright” Review (5×02)

14 Jan

JUSTIFIED-5x121Is Raylan Givens ever going to leave Harlan behind?

With the announcement of Justified’s sixth and final season, we now move to the lingering questions about how exactly this series will come to a close. Raylan Givens took a dark turn last season, and we’re starting to see him come undone; his storyline this week is fantastic. It’s hilarious throughout, but there’s also an undercurrent of tension in each scene, a fine testament to the work of these writers and actors. Raylan and Loretta have always been entertaining to watch, and it’s an especially fascinating relationship because we know just how much she understands him, and therefore how she can manipulate him.

Raylan’s character has always been about trying to shed his past and distance himself from Arlo, and I like how this fact continues to play a huge role; the “star makes it legal” line is very telling, raising questions about the justifications behind his actions and therefore connecting to Boyd’s character. It seems to be the mark of the writers crafting an endgame, as those around him–Alison, Koechner’s character from last week–seem to be pushing him toward change. He can, say, take care of Loretta, but that relationship will never be genuine; he needs to embrace his family, and well, that’s understandably very hard. The writers are doing something fantastic here with his character; right now, Boyd may have more of the narrative momentum, but I love what’s been going on with Raylan. Fatherhood and family seem to be the keys.

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