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Saturday Night Live “Melissa McCarthy/Imagine Dragons” Live Blog/Review (39×13)

1 Feb

melissa_mccarthy_snl_promo_a_lCheck back in every 10 or so minutes for updates.

SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW: Wait, is this supposed to be funny? I don’t get it, and the song itself doesn’t do much for me either. The sketch just doesn’t seem to ever fully come together, and it’s way too long; Michael Strahan is certainly entertaining, though. GRADE: C-

MONOLOGUE: My favorite part of this monologue is the pre-taped footage of McCarthy being a douche to everyone after her last show; as for the rest of it, hey, it’s fairly entertaining. Thompson with a ninja star in his head is hilarious, and the segment as a whole is, thankfully, different than all our other monologues. GRADE: B-

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